Podcast - Week 11 - Out now - listen to Charley Boorman!

In this weeks Podcast we talk to Charley Boorman about his book - The Long Way Round, we also take a look at The Perfect Vehicle, written by Melissa Holbrook Pierson - have a quick chat about the IAM and of course the ever present racing update.

If you want to listen to the whole Charely Boorman interview - you can buy it for 30p from the Oneword Store here


Go on - you know you want to!


Consider my appetite wetted…

when’s it gonna sync with my iTunes though?!?!


Should be there now - but may take an hour or so to work through your ISP / Work servers… right click the podcast in iTunes and click update.



Cheers mate

Great :slight_smile: Enjoy.


Another cracker guys and gals

Defo going to enter the comp