Plum's Personal Shopper

Hello all,

As most of you have heard I have passed and am looking to upgrade to something a bit bigger (oooh errrr). I have the lovely boys at Metropolis Greenwich on the hunt for me but I feel I need to spread my search a little bit.

Basically I’m after some help in finding my prefered bike and someone who might be willing to come along with me to have a look at various bikes to make sure they’re true to their descriptions and in good working order. I’m good at the haggling, good deal side of things but not so great on looking out for serious issues on bikes.

I’m on the look out for the following:

Suzuki GSXR 600 2003 to 2004
Honda CBR 600 2003 to 2004
Honda VFR400
Kawaski ZX6R 2003 to 2004

Maximum price is £3,000
Colour preference - Black, white, red or yellow.
Milleage - The lower the better!

So if any of you have seen something that matches the descriptions above at a local garage, have one you’re wishing to sell or just want to help find my perfect match please get in contact!

Many thanks,


what happened with the monster?!? i’m sure there will be some end of summer bargains to be had so pleanty to choose from:) does it have to be a 600 with a maximum budget between the years stated or are you open to suggestions? (and no i wont say vtr250)

Monster - I couldn’t justify spending £4,000 I would have had to take out finance or a credit card and as a post-grad student I have enought debts/maxed out overdraft as it is!

I am open to suggestions on the year and price. In terms of what I’ve requested model wise I think the GSXR is best for me but I have yet to road test any of these bikes which could certainly cut it down to one bike.

interested in my CBR600RR? :w00t:

My friend is also thinking to sell his CBR600F4i, see if u interested, its not that sporty as 600RR, and cheaper to insure.

U want a proper sports bike or? so I can ask around my friends for u.

PM me darling with all the details and pics if you have them :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

U mean my friend’s F4i?

if yes, i will contact him now, see if he is really into selling it, coz he mentioned about it to me back in June.

Ah, sry, Plum, he jus txt me back said he start liking his CBR600F4i, so he decided not to sell it for a while… I will keep asking around for u though :slight_smile:

Better of with somthing like a Hornet…Winter on the way and all that :cool:

F4i is a very solid and very capable sports bike, but slightly older than what you’ve listed, you should be able to pick a good one up for £2000-£2500

Gsxr 600 k3 or k4/5 are stunning especially in yellow;)

You’ll be lucky to find the ninja in the colours you want, maybe find a black un,

I’m down in Dorset, so if you do spy something on eBay etc and want someone to check it out then I don’t mind doing it :slight_smile:

Coincidence , Only today I helped someone buy a corking Ducati, I think they’re pleased with it :rolleyes:

This has gotta be worth a 2.5 hour trip out west :slight_smile:

if plums got the plum’s to take the plunge i’d go for this

would be a shame to abuse it over winter tho and a lowering kit may be needed:P

i’d go for a 400 ,pleanty of 400’s about lower seat height big bike feel and cheaper than a 600…gain your confidence over winter on something more usable and forgiving then upgrade in spring before the summer frenzy and price increases

what’s the reward for finding the winning bike?

yr get a better deal elsewhere than Metropolis i can assure you that 100% unless you got em under yr thumb there play you rather than you play them

check the insurance on teh sport bikes first as you might be shocked at the prices :crying:

Like Moto said. The nakeds are cheaper to buy and insure and are almost as good as the sporties :slight_smile:

p.s why not wait til january dealers will have been sitting on bikes all over winter and more likely to sell at a cheaper price as they want to start clearing old stock for the bikeing season in march etc thats when the best deals seen to be

If yoyo want to sell me his 600rr Ill sell my 600F4i :smiley:

This is advice you might not want to hear, but I think you should hear it anyway.

In the first two years of riding your chances of having an accident are huge. You won’t have one straight away, as you will be timid, you will be scared and you will lack confidence, but very quickly your confidence outmatches your experience and your skill.

Why buy an expensive sports bike that will be expensive to repair?

Buy something that is solid and easy to ride, learn all the things you need to learn, and then get the bike of your dreams.

Although I don’t like them, I would recommend getting something like a Hornet, if you think they aren’t quick enough, or good enough in corners, I suggest you come out with me and Ratty on the BCR and watch him getting his knee down and tearing up the road…though I don’t recommend trying to ride like him…jeez that is just mental!! lol Hornet’s they are plenty fast enough and he can easily keep up with other 600s.

It is your money and your choice, but just starting out you gonna want something sturdy, reliable, good enough for you to learn on, but not so good that when you drop it the first time because your foot fell into a hole in the pavement that you didn’t see or your foot slips on some gravel in the dark, you won’t be worrying about paying out ££s a panel.

Or just get crash bungs…but I’d agree something more ‘sedate’ might be a better idea. My ninja scared the crap out of me when I got it, and I’d been riding years…

Exactly what kaos has said is what I tell the lads at work. :slight_smile: go for a bandit or hornet, easy to work on cheap to repair, parts are everywhere. More than enough power to get experience on!