Does anyone know a good plumber for the Enfield area?

What do you need doing ?

ask westie apprentley he’s a dab hand with a ball + c*ck

So stevewright tells me

you gonna hyjack this one too then???

No im too tired today too be witty… the visit to the lovenasium last night wore me out

so is flatout really flatout then…?

that’s where you got to last night then!

You asked if i was out, you didnt ask where i was Lou…

Was it a good work out???

pleeeeeezz i’m eatin

so was i… wahey!!!

…Oh yes

eatin what?

scampi, chips and mushy peas…

Haha what about the dessert Flat’s did you enjoy that

yeah what was again Gilly ice cream???

What Flat’s is trying to say is we had a lovely feast last night

well as long as the boy is fed and watered its ok then.

Anyway, has does anyone know of a plumber in enfield?

it was cool summin to eat a few drinks and a clumsy waitress with a fury top lip!!