Plum on the move, again!

Yes, yes it’s getting worse than Eastenders with my housing situation lol.

Sooo… Landlord is moving back into our flat and so all of us (including a-hole flatmate) must move. Flatmate I’m friendly with is going to move in with missus so I’m on my todd again!

Anyway…I’m doing the usual spareroom/gumtree etc but wondering on here:

a) Anyone know of places in East London (preferably close to the city so Wapping, Shadwell, Limehouse, Bow, Bethnal Green etc), looking for a lovely tenant like me?

b) Anyone looking to move within the next month and wants to buddy up?

If you do please drop me a PM.


Homeless Plum :slight_smile:

I don’t smell and am house trained :slight_smile: No more pooping on the floor for me! lol