plugged tyres on the track

yay or nay? :unsure:

I had a tyre plugged at Essential Rubber and the guy said it was stronger than before. He claimed to have tracked a bike with 3 plugs with no probs.

Would probably be fine - but I wouldn’t :ermm:

yeah best to be safe than sorry then i think.

bugger. that’s just made my first trackday this year twice as expensive already :crying:

Keep the front - you may find a cheap rear to match after the track day? Maybe for the winter?

frugal, like it :cool:

I would why not ? :slight_smile:

in my mind it’d have something to do with the tyres getting much hotter on the track than the roads and the repair potentially letting go?

was thinking the same thing…i’d check with someone liek essential rubber;)

i was thinking the same thing, so phoned fwr :wink: yeah they said it could be ok but not worth risking… better to be as safe as possible than sorry eh?

I used a plugged rear at Snett about 10 years ago - no worries.

Sherrie used hers for a few trackdays and on the road, with 2 or 3 in her tyre!

Unless your a Rossi I can’t see a problem, just keep a close eye on the tyre and psi.

I couldn’t ride round a race track with a plugged tyre. Just how my brain works I supose.

I’d rather know it was right and get out there and enjoy it.

done lots of trackdays with plugged tyres. no issues

If its deemed safe for road use then it should be fine on track.

The only think is the psychological side of things.

If you feel that you might be thinking about the plug all the time, get it changed

Rode Lydden 2 weeks ago with a plug and no problems. As you’re dropping pressures to deal with the increased PSI from hotter tyres won’t be a problem. Surely if you’re worried about a flat and losing it then the road is more dangerous? No bus shelters and oncoming traffic on a track…

cheers guys, all good advice and points there. think i’ll put a new set on for peace of mind and get sportier ones while i’m at it :slight_smile: