pls keep racing to the race tracks..!!

My best friend (Drogo… Jay & Foxy met him at Snet last year) was racing a bmw last night on his gsxr1000… he didn’t know the roads and overcooked a roundabout at 100mph… the gsxr is in half… his leg is snapped round the wrong way and his arm is badly broken… the lamp post he hit is not there anymore and the bmw left him for dead… His limbs were in such an awkward position it took the ambulance crew 1 and half hrs to get him in the ambulance.

Keep it on the track guys… !!!

Just to keep this email cheery 3 charming jamaicans guys tried to rob me on Monday night with a baseball bat… I have a bruised head and a dislocated shoulder but suddenly I am not in so much pain anymore…

What a crap week…
Anyone want to come and support me racing against the North Glouster muppets this weekend please feel free and I will try and organise some tickets for you… Jay has my number
Peace !!

Hope you both mend soon… what else can i say

sorry to hear that mate hope he gets beeter by the way where was this

Yikes, that is an eventful week. Hope you both mend OK.

Jeepers Oli. Hope your mate comes out of that alright. Oh, and I fully intend being down there on either Sat or Sunday and I shall be yelling you on like crazy as usual.

I will also tell people to keep the racing malarchy to the track, apparently 2 bikes were racing at the weekend on the A272 and one had a head on into a goldwing coming the other way. Goldwing rider and one racer dead, goldwing pillion seriously injured and likely to be paralysed for life. Not sure about the other one yet, waiting for news.

Apparently this weekend 6 people died on motorbikes on the A272 and A27, I know the weather is good and its play time but please, please, please be careful. You never know whats round the next corner.

Jesus Christ, horrible to hear this Oli, hope he mends quickly! All the best against the NG boys, and well done for fending the robbers off. Where was this??

Send him my best and tell him I hope he mends soon!!!

As you you young man, your lucky mate… Hope to catch up with you real soon…

Horrific. Very sobering when you hear something like this. Get well soon guys.
Take care out there everyone, ride within your limits and if you want to go quick come to a trackday and if im there ill help.

so sorry to hear this. Hope all concerned are on the mend soon.

At the end of my road… dont know who they are yet but should do in the next few days…

Thanks for your kind words guys… and girls…

At the end of the day we are not dead and Drogo even though has many months of pain will have good times once more… prob not on a bike but hey… he’s still here baby…

All the other crap just makes us stronger… My podium at Brands this weekend will be for you Drogo…

love you man…



Please do not speculate on what did ir didn’t happen on the A272 on Sunday, that accident involved two people from a bike club I am very close to, there has been no information released and the whole incident is under investigation.

There is no suggestion that there was any racing going on and at this stage no confirmation as to who crossed over into whose path.

One group were out for a Sunday ride with a mixture of riders including the wife of one of the deceased who rounded a corner to find a scene of utter devastation.

So please, do me the honor of only quoting what yoy know because in cases like this if you have to start your information with anything akin to apparently, allegedly etc then its because you don’t actually know.

Thanks for reading.


PS Oli & Drogo, get well soon and count your blessings.

What can I say… I hope you guys get well soon and… all the worst to those guys that attacked you, those kind of things should not really happen.

dibble it was me who posted about the bike accidents not chufster he only probably type what he read which was posted on the virsordown forum

feel so sorry for the bikers family and all those invloved

Sorry to hear about

Sorry to hear this. Hope he mends soon

Sorry to hear about both incidents. Keep your eyes open and your speed according to your circumstances.

Its always horrible to hear about accidents with bikes all the more so wen it was a good friend of yours - hope he’s not in too much pain and gets better. Sorry also to hear of your incident take it easy