Plod being kill joys

Come on, who hasn’t done 180mph in shorts and t-shirt :thinking: :thinking:

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Never done shorts and t-shirt, but does speedos count?

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I think I speak for everyone on LB when i say this Kev, but that is not an imaginei want to picture!


I was expecting it to be stolen but seems as if it may be his own ride.

If I was a gambling man I’d open a book on how long the custodial sentence will be, what would be the odds for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years etc.

Was popular back home to have plates that hid/ folded at push of button. Loads of those people thought they could get away with anything…

Must admit I could understand anything, but going the wrong way to get fuel must be the wind buffeting blowing his brain out…

Been the wrong way round a roundabout many times :slight_smile: #Lagosdriving

I like the way he tried to hide behind the lorry :rofl:

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Haha yeah I can imagine in Lagos it’s bad driving if you don’t…

But did I misread that he went wrong way on carriageway

He went the wrong way up a slip road to get to the petrol station. Presume he overshot the slip road - easy done at 180 mph I guess.

Yeah, going the wrong way round a roundabout in Nigeria was pretty standard if you saw the chance to beat a jam. Once drove the wrong way down a 3 lane motorway at speed, though in my defence I was trying to get away from some armed robbers…as you do :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some pretty stupid things in my time (and done them), but that is pretty near the top for sheer stupidity. Bonkers.

When I was in Beirut our driver would regularly drive down the wrong side of the dual carriageway to avoid the traffic jams, terrifying the first time but by day 3 no-one questioned it as it meant we got to places quicker lol


Exactly, standard practice in many parts of the world. Takes some balls first time you do it, but when in Rome…

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Back home we mainly keep it to the small one way backstreets. Food delivery guys have it down to an art form to avoid going round a block

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