please recommend me an external dvd writer

preferably to connect via USB, and compatable with vista.

Not too fussed if its a little chunky as it wont be used everyday. Ive had a look on amazon, but a little confused by all the choice. Ive never used one before, and dont need anything too fancy as im not sure ill be doing top notch editing, i just have lots of films on my pc i want to burn to dvd.

also, will it convert avi/wma files to dvd or would i need additional software?

thanks very much

I have a LG dvd writer and it`s great, my mate who delas with computers said they are very good.

Depends on the software that comes with the writer but I use convertXtodvd cost about £12 and is so easy to use even my mum could use it…

(anyone that has met my mum will know what I’m talking about)