Please help to stop the implementation and spread of bike parking taxes

The end of the experimental phase of the Westminster motorcycle parking tax will be on February 18th when the council will make a decision as to whether this tax becomes a permanent arrangement or not. If it becomes permanent, other councils will follow suit and everyone of us will end up paying a parking tax wherever we live, work and park our bike in the UK.If you do not agree with this unfair and unjustified motorcycle parking tax AND/OR if you are concerned about other councils following suit if Westminster Council gets away with it, PLEASE JOIN THE CAMPAIGN RIGHT NOW. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PUT PRESSURE ON WESTMINSTER COUNCIL TO SCRAP THIS TAX AND PREVENT IT FROM SPREADING ALL OVER THE UK. Even if you don’t live or work in Wesminster, if Westminster Council gets away with this bike parking tax, it will come near you before you even realise.

Please look at the campaign website now, send an objection e-mail to Westminster Council via the campaign website (there are templates that you can use to get you started), join the next demo on next Sunday 1st February 2009 which will be a ride from the Ace cafe to the London Motorcycle Show at the Excel centre, passing by Westminster City Hall (details available on

Please note that Westminster Council is making a revenue of over £2.2 million per annum versus a one off cost of £303k. The council has already recovered seven times this one-off cost and the surplus is purely income in their pocket! This information is from a secure source, please look at for further details.

Thank you all for your support and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Remember, if Westminster Council gets away with this tax, it will spread and we’ll all end up paying a parking tax wherever we live, work and park our bike in the UK.

I signed the petition but couldnt be bothered to rewrite an the complaint doc giving a good enough argument against it, slack I know but maybe I’ll try again tomorrow after I’ve recovered from the gym

The Government/Council will do what they want m8. If you wanna make an impact on them you need to join them and do them from the inside! :smiley:


I know! :smiley:

its the way a great deal of people have done it, I call local council, local prejudice…

Nop they won’t… we live in democracy in the United Kingdom, which means that authorities (whether local or central) must listen to the concerns and opinions of the public when making decisions.