please help my scooter has a bad temper

hi all

first i will say hi i am new to the forum and new to scootering. so hello to everyone

just bought a 1985 honda vision in the classic black and red .yup its about as 80’s as it gets;)

all was going fine until it suddenly started throwing fuel out the overflow pipes on the i striped the carb and i think the float was stuck so cleaned it and put it back together and that problem seems to be solved. but now it will go along fine then sometimes when i back off the throttle it will start to lose power .sometimes it will backfire then go again or sometimes it will just stop completely and wont start. then i wait a minute and it will start straight up and go like nothing had happend. have tried striping the carb again but cant find anymore problems. does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be.

thanks in advance for any advice