please help me

HI !

I´m not from London, I´m from Brazil… but I LOVEEEE motorcycles I had 5 motorcycles in Brasil.

So…I want to see someone racing or just know where is the places that you usually go and drink beers…or somethings like that!

please!!! Thank´s a lot.


Hey there Zabot, Welcome to LB, the best forum for motorcycles, you have come to
the right place, we have a fellow Brazilian on here called bike2travel,
however all the guys n gals will be happy to help you.
You could start at the Ace cafe, it’s a very famous motorcycle gathering place, a lot of the LB lot hang out there.
Also you got bar Italia (frith street) and chelsea bridge also great biker gathering places.
If you want to watch racing and have sky tv you are spoiled for choice, check out
the bike orientated tv listings :

Bike tracks: Brands hatch
Oulton park
Mallory park
Cadwell park

We have a few racers on here, so maybe they can give you some more info mate.