Please help me!! I am hearing voices in my noddle....

They are saying, “You need a sports bike, get a SB, life is much better with an SB…”

I have to resist, I have to resist …help

As you may know I am a born again biker after a four year break - last bike was a great Triumph Daytona - ( babies take a lot of looking after ) and bought my Scram to tonk about on around London .and act my age and be sensible and not be tempted to nail it and throw it down the road … and it’s great fun bike and one that if I had an SB and the Scram at thesame time ( which I can’t afford to do ) I would use the Scram 80% of the time for town work but …but,

I need therapy…

no…you need a sportsbike I’ve often thought I should get a sensible bike and I looked at that triumph as well and came to the following conclusions

a) better brakes on SB

b) Better acceleration

c) more grip better position

d) front fairings are ace on wet or cold days

e) you can race the chavs and win

reasons to get a slower sensible bike

a) you’re getting old.

…get the sportsbike m8 and give in!

Oh no… you’ve just highlighted the reasons now!!!

Give in to the Dark Side Triang

It is your destiny…

woah sorry dude, dunno what happened there, kinda out of body experiance

Sportsbikes rule!

  1. Retro Cool of the Scram wins everytime
  2. You keep your license
  3. You keep your life
  4. You have lower insurance costs
  5. You have more fun
  6. A Scram can still beat Chavs off the lights
  7. You still look cool
  8. What follow the sheep - Scram is a statement of I’m myself and proud of it
  9. You don’t go faster than you actually need to.
    10.It is quite fast enough as it is in London. 80% riding time is a winning ratio over a SB.

There’s loads of other ‘bigger’ bikes out there that would give the same buzz Triang! KTM super-duke for example? I love the Scram personally, but if you want to test-ride a few other bikes, don’t be affraid!

Oh good an angel has landed on my shoulder and whispered in my ear…

Oh no a little devil has landed on the other shoulder now…

You cannot do your job in leathers… Your tie will won’t look good with them…
You need to give up the high powered job as I did and find one that you can do either in demin & T-shirt or leathers…
Once you do that. Get yourself a D675
That said your bike look and sound good.

Wise words…

Get the best of both worlds!!!

comfy enough to comute on

and still powerful.


“I need therapy…

no my dear Triang… you need YAMAHA… tee hee

Yer see… everyon’s putting temptation in my path…

Sports tourer… The way ahead… The compromise of speed and comfort!!!

I agree! I got a Ducati ST2 now! Sports / Touring and Italian chic…

Okay it sounds like a bag of spanners at the traffic lights due to the dry clutch but so what - it’s lovely!!!

If you do do listen to the voices. Go test ride the Triumph ST. Confortable. fast, sound good and your dealer should get you a good price for yours as a PX as they will resale it easy…

The good side of the force grows strong. Sportbike want you have. Feel the power of the force, come back from the dark side of non sportsbike riding.

Go for the VFR the best of both worlds!

that is until you get the bill on the 16000 miles service on the VTech

Look into my eyes, you are feeling sleepy now… G… S… X… R…