Please help a stressed IT professional find another Job

London Biker People!

I’m currently working in an IT dept for a Law firm we have a new manager who is a complete "$£*er and I just feel like hanging him out the window by his crown jewels! (all beit I would feel alot better I’m sure my P45 would be on my desk before he hit the floor (and the guys with white jackets would probably arrive pretty sharpish)

What I’m asking for is, help me find another job (prefferably IT as I like what I do) please reply and let me know, just think most companies offer a finders fee so get me the job buy me a drink (pending there is a finders fee if not I will buy you a drink) and we are all winners…

If this does not work does anyone know a cheap hitman I could probably afford £2.47 (even if that just buys a black eye that would be great)…


PM sent.

Job going in UBS prime brokerage…pm me if u want any help

dude, there’s something going where I work which maybe of interest to you. Can you send me a PM with your email and I’ll send you the job spec.

PM sent

Drop me a line

Hey buddy, go self employed – was te best move I ever made

how goes the hunt… what do all the PM’s say?