Charity Egg Run for underpriveleged childrenRight peeps, a biker who i dont know but who works where i do, put up a poster about the above subject,(this is taken from the heading in the rideout section)… and i ended up calling him to find out what its all about? He explained that this is a run that quite a lot of bikers do, for the kiddies that wont be getting easter eggs because parents cant or wont be bothered to scrape some money together to get them one, for whatever reasons…(easter eggs is just something they do for these kiddies but im sure theres other times ie xmas) …

Anyway, apparently these past years the amount of bikers helping this cause has dwindled, and they were in need of more support? I advised him to join up with LB and then put up the rideout in the right section and i assured him that he would get the support he was asking for on the posters here?

Thing is, im surprised that there has not been that much support, as i was sure anything to do with charity and kiddies esp, seeings most of us have em, is something we would want to do?

Its not a huge rideout, in miles anyway…but it is a good cause…and we can always go somewhere after…albeit the A127 diner, or Ace?

Please take a look of the details in the rideout section??? Pretty please??? :slight_smile:

Im going anyway !! :stuck_out_tongue:

A friends scooter club always do both the Christmas toy run and the Easter egg run to an Essex kids hospital.

If a scooter club full of born again Mods. can do it, I’m sure LB can do it better.

(Before you ask, I can’t make my friends run, but I’ve bought an egg for him to deliver for me.)


If any guys/gals, newbies, oldbies, are free this sat why not join us and come and give a easter egg (£1 the least) to underpriveleged kids?

Please see the rideout section on easter egg run on the 4th April?

Ohhh I’ll go and have a look :slight_smile: Its been a while since I seen you lot too :wink:

Thanks Blade

I’ll make sure the van is at Kings Oak for about 11:00, I’ve given the technician (Steve) a brief idea about whats going on. He will have pleanty of room in the back of the van so anyone that wants to ditch their saddle bags or rucksacks can stick them in the van and grab them at the end. If we are having a quiet day I will get a second van there, the guys in our office know whats happening so they will see what they can do.

Cheers !! nice one…so come on u lot !! anyone fancy doing something with a feel good factor tomorrow…then grab a £1 easter egg from sainsburys…and get to high beech for 10.30/ 11.00am :wink: