please, can anyone tell me why?

my bike has been left idle for a month while i was away. Just now I started the engine, the battery is OK. But when I tried to ride away, I found i couldn’t twitch the throttle as if it was locked.

I do not know what has caused the problem. Is it a simple mechanical problem? what should I do? Thanks in advance for any advice.

WD40 to the rescue again, spray it and all the linkages or oil the cable might have seized up a bit, your bike carbs or FI ? if carbs spray across the top throttle bar and work the throttle till it frees up

Steve is absolutely right BBS - sounds like the cables got a bit stiff while the bike was standing. Unscrew the switchgear at the throttle end and give the cables a squirt with WD40 as steve says - if this doesn’t work look under the tank for the carbs/throttle body and give the cables a squirt at this end.

Thanks you two, tomorrow i will do as you said:)

today: tried WD40 on the throttle and cables, didn’t work. A local mechanic told me the cable must have been stuck somewhere underneath, he is going to fix it for me tomorrow. I have to buy a weekly train ticket for my commuting

my bike engine is less responsive after I have the old throttle cables replaced.

It now easily gets stalled, and the hot engine doesn’t restart without choke turned on. The bike now doesn’t accelerate as fast as before, it has lost a lot of power.

I am very depressed now:crying:

any advice?

i know, it is silly to update my own thread repeatedly, but i am so happy now, just to hear the healthy beasty sounds of my bike engine, fantastic feelings:D

it has turned out one of the spark plug disconnected, and for 2 days, seemingly i rode with only 1/2 engine capacity:w00t: and for a few times my engine stalled when i changed gear on busy road, quite dangerous.

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

buy an inline 4 then if it happens again you still got 3 cylinders to play wiv, still more power than a V-twin :D:D

awaits the verbals :Whistling:

boy that bike must of been sitting out in the rain for a while