please be safe out there guys and girls

tragedy struck my local bike community as two of my friends lost their lives in a tragic accident last Friday. we found out about it at the weekend and it’s been a shock to the system (to say the least), news is now coming out nationally.

just wanted to say please stay save guys and girls. Enjoy the road, but please be careful.

we had a lovely remembrance ceremony at our local bike venue this evening with what looked like over 100 bikes, and even more friends and family attending. it’s been an emotional last few days. still not sure what happened, but matty and marie will live in our hearts forever.

so whatever you get up to this summer: enjoy, stay safe, ride well!

Sad new Clogge, my condolences.

Sorry to heart that Clogge.

Sad and all too frequent in the biking community. xx

R.I.P. Matthew and Marie :crying:

Clogge - that’s a great reminder to us all to be careful and think twice.

Such a sad waste of young lives - RIP to Matthew and Marie and condolences to their many loved ones…

Condolences to their family and friends. Sterkte man. …

RIP very sad indeed…

Sad. I’m sorry to all for the loss x

terrible news


much too young. Sad for all friends and family. RIP

Yep, MUCH to young. Very sad…

thanks everyone for your kind words. we paid a massive tribute to matty and marie on Tuesday. the families were both there, as well as 200-300 bikes (split over 3 car parks). amazing to see so many bikers from all backgrounds coming together. Every biker forum in the area was accounted for and not a dry eye. we miss them so much.