Please advice me for the test.

Hi. I have paid up for training, passed my MOD1 and now preping for MOD2. I have a few questions if you could help.

On a big round about with 5 exists, if I am taking third exit which is physicall straight, do i need to signal when coming in?

When I stop at traffic lights do I need to do life saver check on both sides?

When starting stopping in traffic do I need to do lifesaver check on both sides?

On a normal roundabout when stopped at giveway line and before moving off, you must do life saver check. But if you lose the opportunity to move off will you be marked down?

Before changing lanes, do you have to do life saver check or can you just do mirrors.

I am going to ask these questions with my instructor but it would be nice to hear your ideas.

  1. On a roundabout when going straight as you describe you do not signal when entering the roundabout but you do signal to exit

  2. It’s always good to do Lifesavers so you won’t fail on doing them when not necesary (unless it causes you to plough into the back of another Vehicle!!), whereas you will fail if you don’t do them when you really do need too

  3. can’t answer with any real knowledge

  4. see answer to question 2

In all fairness your instructor should be training you and have told you what to do. If your unsure ask for another session. Riding for real is a lot different to passing the test.

I am sure my instructor told me everything but its a lot to take in. I do have one and half day training left so I will ask him. I just find lifesaver checks more dangerous because I always shoot off before anyone get the chance to hit me from the back.

I think I am scared that someone might hit me from the back when I do lifesaver checks. I have never seen any biker doing lifesaver checks when riding (imagine filtering and doing checks!)

But I have 250 reasons to do it (£250 cost of test and bike etc)

I always do lifesaver checks. you are moving when doing them anyway and you don’t slow down so if someone is going to hit you from behind, they will do it regardless if you are doing a lifesaver or not, the lifesaver is there so you don’t move into the path of something next to you

I take it you do not drive a Car either?
If you drove a car it would be easier to understand the relevence of Lifesavers

Life savers are called that for a reason. Remember it’s a quick glance to see if there is anything there, not a long stare to check out the hot chick’s rack that’s driving the soft top (that will get you into trouble). :grin:

The life-saver is checking your blind spot; your mirrors are for behind… I’m not as trained up yet (doing my DAS in 3 weeks) but from riding in London - they are very important. Scooters, Big Bikes, even Pedal cycles can quickly appear in your blind spot with out warning (yes you should be observant, but even doing regular checking you often can’t track so many moving objects…and scooters I believe break the laws of physics.)

First of all, you shouldn’t be asking for ideas - you need to be asking for factual requirements of the MOD2 test.

In regards to roundabouts - forget what the physical nature of the roundabout is if you know it - look at the signage prior to the roundabout for an indication - straight on will be the bold’er arrow leaving. Use forward observation (and the signage) to place yourself in the correct position/lane. If going straight on, as Marmablade states- no need to signal coming onto the roundabout. Make sure you correctly position yourself going around the roundabout. If the exit is clear (check your left) then signal at a point JUST after then previous exit. Exit the roundabout. If the lanes converge quickly into a single lane, check your shoulder to make sure there is no potential traffic blind to you.

Stopping - For MOD2 - yes, lifesaver both sides

Starting - For MOD2 - yes, lifesaver both sides

Giveway - you should not be moving off if you have only a gap of time that is a glance over your left or right hand side. Remember a lifesaver is a very brief glance to review your blind spot … not a 1/2 hour observation of the dolly bird parked up next to you doing her make up !! (sorry ladies)

Changing Lanes - For MOD2 - Life Saver.

Note I have stated “for MOD2” a lot - this is because as you develop, and hopefully go onto advanced training, you’ll realize that as you become more confident, more aware of that all around you … more advanced … the responses above will change.

Its a lot to take in … I would just say - keep calm, and think safety. If you feel you should lifesave/look - do so. in MOD2 … bestter to overkill than underkill.

I would definitely ask your instructor at the beginning of your training session so they can give you the correct information. They will also be able to put you through these situations to make sure you understand what you need to do in each. As sound as our advice might be, we would feel awful if something we said was incorrect and cost you a pass mark.

Having said that, I can confirm Marmablade’s first point. Do not signal entering the roundabout where you are going “straight through”. I did this twice on my Mod2 and got two minors for it. Why you shouldn’t do it, as explained by the tester, is that it confuses other people on the roundabout. Say you’re on a two lane roundabout, in the right hand lane, going straight on. There is a car in the left hand lane and they want to take the exit after yours. You set off a bit quicker than them and they see you’re indicating right. They think, sweet, they’re either going to take the same exit as me or the one after so I don’t need to change my position. As you get to your exit you now indicate left, with the car right beside you. You are going to cut them off if you take your exit. Chances are the car may be slightly behind you in your blind spot just to add to the difficulty.

Still, ask your instructor about this and make sure you get the same answer. If their differs to ours, take theirs!

Anyway, all the best with your test mate. Remember to relax, keep observing what’s going on around you and have fun!

If you don’t do lifesavers you won’t last long, test pass or no test pass

ride it like you stole it

I don’t want to sound harsh but you should really know all these things before getting your license. It’s all in the highway code, which you must’ve read to pass the theory test. How are you planning on riding if you do pass the test? Stop before each roundabout and Google for answers?

whats a MOD 2

Thanks everyone and specially IanWilliamson your response really hit home. I got two weeks to practice so I will make lifesaver as my second nature.

The reason I had problem with lifesaver is because my instructor said that unless the examiner can see your face both times you have not done the life saver check.

I have a half helmet so I have good visibility at 45 degrees on the blind spots but he said I got to move my neck 90 degrees which hurts my neck and takes longer.

Be over exagerated on your test so that he see’s it then do it how it is comfortable once you have passed, you need to do what it takes to pass

“my instructor said that unless the examiner can see your face both times you have not done the life saver check.”

That is bollocks.
I passed Mod 2 18 months ago and no-one once commented on needing to see my face.
I would exaggerate it slightly though so there is no question of having done it.
Regarding Lifesavers- it is pretty logical really. Anytime you are changing course you are putting yourself at risk to be hit by someone who might not have seen you.
So yes for changing lanes, yes for turning across traffic and any other situation where you might be able to be hit by another vehicle.
Regarding both sides- no, not necessarily.
For instance changing from the inside lane to the middle lane, there is no need to should check on left- because there is nothing there to worry about.
Just the right shoulder is fine.

If you think logically through each task and consider what it is you are doing and where you are at risk then you should be ok.

Hoggy if they did see your face they would have turned to stone :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry about whether your examiner can see your lifesavers - they’re experts at seeing all - so no need at turning your head around like something out of the Exorcist !!

Turning too far is also likely to unsteady you (as a new rider) and take your focus off what’s too your front - REALLY dangerous. The briefest of looks is all you require.

Planet London is very different to the rest of the world (bar certain cities in India) and as such you need to apply extra caution. If you move - check the blind side of your intended direction.

Also keep your mind focused - don’t let it wonder. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. If you plan ahead you’ll be more relaxed, and less likely to need to be reactive and become flustered.

Confidence is a massive part of getting to the end successfully.

Good luck

To add to what IanWilliamson said, lifesaver check of the blind side of the intended direction sounds trivial, but is particularly good advice at roundabouts - the blind side may change. You may be at the left-most lane wishing to leave at the next exit, in which case you’ll check your right for vehicles to your right that decided to leave the roundabout at the same exit (and would cut across your path) Or you may be in the middle lane (or have a large gap to your left) in which case you’ll check your left blind spot so you don’t cut across their path.