Plastic welding anyone know who / where ?

I am in Essex/ East London and need a small amount done any recommendations lads and lasses .
Cheers Steve

try this guy


i’ve used a old soldering iron and bits of scrap plastic with reasonable results,would need a bit of filler and sanding afterwards but good and strong;)

Thanks for the info guys i am looking local’ish so i can just take the bike rather than removing the fairing :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried with soldering iron and the bit fell orf again ;(
Cheers Steve

Not used them but ,

sudden impact in rush green are kool see russ there good guy

Our own omc can

Thanks mate have you got any contact details please ? ?

lol I thought it’d be something else. I read the thread title as plastic wedding:crazy:

oops. moving on now :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw Matt doing just this on Broady’s fairing recently and usual excellent standard you get with his work.