Plastering and decorating

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me and my GF are considering buying a house but the one we like has been decorated in a very ‘unique’ way and we would need to completely re-decorate. I’m having a couple of builders coming around to give us an idea as to how much it would cost to strip wallpaper of all the walls (4 storey 5+ bedroom house), re-plaster all the walls and paint all of the interior including all the doors and windows. We are hoping that we won’t need to re-plaster the whole thing but just want to get worst case scenario price.

Can anyone here give me an idea how much does it cost to strip wallpaper, re-plaster, paint the walls and woodwork in an average sized (14ft x 14ft) room. I just need an idea so I can evaluate the quotes from the builders. I want to get the work done properly and don’t mind paying a fair price but do not want to be taken an advantage of…

Any advice or info greatly appreciated.

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It would all depend how sound your walls are, I should think that you are looking at around £300-£400 per room, that would include stripping paper, making walls/woodwork good, all coats of paint, it would not include any plastering, plastering would be charged at £150 per day.

I’m told that the walls are in good shape but you never know…so if I assume that it takes 2 days to plaster the room then it sounds like £700 per room?

In a smallish 3 bed house i quoted £300 per main room and £240 for the smaller ones but all he wanted was magnolia in every room and done in 5 days:w00t:

Get yourself on or Try to give as detailed a description as possible. You should end up with quite a few tradesmen competing for your business.

Thanks Shiver,

does that include preparing and painting woodwork or not?


Yeap that was prep, ceilings, walls and woodwork

Mistake !!

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how much do you reckon I’ll be looking at in terms of materials per room? (Sorry for all the questions…I’m just trying to get the worst case scenario and see if I can afford the house)


Mate, we’re doing the same thing now ourselves.

We’re taking all the rubbish off ourselves first, why pay someone else to do that, but I guess that only works if you have the time. It took me 2 days to strip one room, down to the base p[laster, but that’s only cos we were talking multiple layers of paper paint and gloss over 60 years. Anyway, this means we can now assess.

HOWEVER, with no plastering experience we’re gonna have to hire someone in to do the final skim, so the best thing I can recommend that has served us really well is get 3 or 4 guys in to give you quotes… by the time you get to the 4th you’ll know all the questions you need to ask, then you can work out if its in budget or not.

Thanks Toby-1…Sounds like sound advice. I’d like to be able to do it myself(did my current flat) but due to work I’d be only able to work weekends and that would wipe out months of weekends…

About 600 thats a guess without looking depends how many coats aswell

If the walls aren’t too bad, why not use lining paper?

Cheers Shiver,

is that £600 for materials only or including labour?


You’l be looking at a few hours per room, obviously dependant on how bad the plastering is, you may get away with a plastering being there for 1 day, :slight_smile:
The £300-£400 I quoted was per room, including paints.

ok so a largish room freshly plastered with old & new wood that needs some patching up, including ceiling plus a largish bay window feature, coving, rose, picture rail, skirting, door + architraves. Masking, sanding, filling, cleaning, decorators caulk, mist coat, more sanding and filling and cleaning, cutting in, 2-3 coats of paint. I’m gonna guess its 5-6 man days work. Could easily come to 600-700 squid.

a whole house that size!??! thousands! budget 7k?

£600 is for materials at a guess like i said not seeing it its very hard to tell.

theres no way you can get a 5 bed done in 5-6 days unless youve got 5 people on the job.

I think banman means 5-6 days per room

^^ bingo :slight_smile: 5-6 days / room.

thats why i siad budget like 7k + just to decorate this place…

Hi all and thanks for all the useful advice…went to see the house on Friday and realised that the decorative state is the very least of it’s problems…it’s somehow far too small on the inside and would need an extension to make it worthwhile - However, the price it’s at on makes it far to expensive for me to even contemplate such a big project…

Thanks again