Plasma Tv 42" for sale

Offers may be Considered

getting a bigger one

Warning - once you’ve owned a plasma nothing else will do!!


Need more info on the spec for that price. I’m sure currys did a £729 42" over Easter - might have been a different model! Reported to be flogging them off by Samsung.

What model is it?

I’ve been looking at flat telly’s and I think you’re a little high on the price for a 42" plasma. Brand new Sony 40" LCD’s are going for under a £1000 now - the prices have dropped a lot this year.

yeah but this is plasma not LCD?? You can buy plasma’s at £900 if you want but it wont be top spec and thats what this one is! This TV still sells at £2400 in shops!

dude what shops are you going to?? brand new samsung 50" HD plasma go for just over a grand

For the same size & spec, LCD’s tend to be more expensive than plasma’s (because they don’t have the cooling/noise issues and don’t suffer from screen burn to the same degree). People only buy plasma because they come in bigger sizes (but not for long) and are cheaper than LCD.

I’m just trying to point out that you may be pricing your telly a little high and will have trouble selling it at that price. Check this out -

Anyone know how to remove an item from ebay - i’ve sold it privately!

Nice one

LCDs come in the large sizes now and are are getting better but they’re still not as good as the plasmas for clarity on the large sizes. lot of pixellation. they do weigh a lot less which is a consideration if you’re wall mounting (suit you sir)

im going for the 50’’ er…coommmonn!!!


Ive got a 50 incher but it aint no telly

Tape measure…?

Whoops, i thought they were talking about those little micro tellys. It was sposed to say 5.0 incher (and thats on a good day )

did you get an ambilight one so that it seems bigger/more impressive?

The guy came to pick it up today and gave me an extra £200 coz its a 50" (our last one blew up from a defect - and as the warrenty says “we will replace to the same spec or higher” - we were without a TV (plasma - nothing else is the same) for 3 weeks it didn’t seem bigger - luckily our new one is still ‘a bit’ bigger or it wouldn’t of been worth it!!!

LCD is ok - but not even close to the quality as the plasma - wall mounting isn’t a consideration for lightness (you get different spec wall mount brackets) - and it was a top spec TV (you can buy a plasma 42" for 6-700 quid but its bog standard - if you buy a bottom of the range car with no mods/extra’s you’ll know what i mean when i say it doesn’t compare to the model upgrade versions/having the extra’s fitted!!)