Well ok, boat…car and bike……thgear/boat.asp

cant beat a bike that easy,even with four times the power

cool, just down the road from me…

Rutter gets a terrible strat each time

why did they not use a gp bike ?

I knew it, I knew it cars are better… I love all 3 machines but cars just turn me on

Gotta love 5th Gear. I need a job like that.

Great quality video (at the expensive of file size at 27Mb).

It didn’t look like that Rutter was slipping the clutch that well.

Still with the F1 competition it must have been a bit intimidating!

I agree, they should have put the RCV211v up against them, it’s an unfair competition putting a superbike up against GP machinery. Oh well, we all know who would be the winner at the first sign of traffic.