Plan for 2021 and beyond

So where to start.

Sorned the GXSR750, paid insurance Feb 20 so I could prepare in Spring for a German road trip in May (postponed until 2021, had option for refund). MOT extended to Nov 20 but due to second lock-down wasn’t completed until Jan 21.

With exception of getting to the MOT, not ridden for a year and the German trip is unlikely to happen this May, so decisions, decisions?

Will have to get the emissions test to avoid local charge when it is extended across most of London this October. Expected to pass £175, if not my MOT bod believes an additional £50 for tweaking should do it. Roads are dreadful around London with all the additional cycle lanes, but to travel around London, a bike is the best option but then I have the free bus and tube card.

So what do you guys think, are Sunday rides a thing of the past and should I hang my leathers up or is there some excitement to be had the foreseeable future?

Time to become an ex-London biker me thinks…

We’ve certainly started turning cogs on our get-out plan. After a year sat working from home in the crappy suburbs, I see little point in being near the big smoke anymore. There’s decent internet in most places these days, London property value buys a lot out of the South East and there’s far better riding elsewhere.


2022 will be moving full time to the Lake District and focus less on work and more on enjoying life!


Not sure what my plans are. I’m job hunting but there really isn’t much out there, and what is seems to be companies slashing on pay and benefits (which is hardly surprising), and lots quite bit more than normal showing “competitive” as the pay which means shit.

I’m going to start looking further a field, and just looking at what is listed for certain areas. Not sure if I want to continue in IT or move into something else.

I think that things are really going to change, in May the full effect of Brexit comes down, and by June/July we should really be seeing the impact of the vaccine.


The pandemic forced me to work remotely and now my company is going fully flexible working so I def wont be commuting into london (unless i change jobs).

At the moment I will be keep riding but for pleasure - something that feels a long way away still.
I am close(ish) to box hill and surrey hills and dont mind going out for a ride alone on an early sunday morning while kids are lazing about or finishing work early :wink:

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Not worth putting mine on SORN. I’m taking it out for a spin once a month, the long way round to the pharmacy to collect my meds. Next weekend should have been the Dragon Rally not sure if missing it in this weather is good or bad, made the best of it last year in Storm Ciara.

This Summer is not looking good but as soon as the borders are open we’re off to Australia to play with the grandchildren.

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@brains_t can you not get the cert from the manufacturer? I did with my new pony and honestly was all signed sealed delivered and cleared of ULEZ/CC within 2 weeks.

To the above, I made the country escape in september, I like some will continue to work from home 1-2 times a week and it is much nicer down here in every possible way.

Moved out just over 2 years ago and switched to mainly remote then, i.e. 3 days per fortnight in the office. Much nice roads, 55mins on the train when I need to go in and can work both ways, cutting down the office time.

@Kevsta What sort of IT are you in?

Sunday or any day rides are not a thing of the past, definitely a thing of the future. These days will pass and going out for leisure whether on the bike or not will return. I for one cannot wait. Keep the bike its time will come again.

My plans for 2021, subject to the usual caveats, are to get some trips in. This will require me to keep busy at work to finance it but I hope to be able to have some weekends away on the bike as well as a longer summer trip. I’d like to get down to Italy and back, ride some of the Alp and Dolomite passes.

Should I win the lottery then I’d take more time and do a trip down through the ex-Yugoslav states to Greece then back through Italy. This is the stuff I dream about.

More likely it will be a week in Cornwall.

And another thing, I miss heading into town to meet friends for drinks and dinner, cinema, theatre, gigs. Suburbia is just right for me, close enough but not too close to town.


@brains_t and @The_Sleeper get the Certificate from Suzuki

A motorcycle Certificate of Conformity from Suzuki costs £95.00 link here and should show the exhaust emission details, that’s how I got The 250 on to TfL’s pre 2007 exemption list when the ULEZ was first announced. Back then motor vehicle manufacturers were posting out hard copies free of charge, sadly that all stopped when the requests snow balled.

Beware of the scammers such as suzuki-coc who will bend you over for €229.00 + VAT

Sample of emission details as they appear on The 250’s CofC

Mine is Honda so cannot speak for Suzuki but did mine in December and they give it out for free still as long as it has not been applied for before.

@brains_t defo worth going through your manufacturer first though, and i did not have to leave the house at all to get is all done.

@brains_t You should get yourself a Honda, you know you want to. I still remember the smile on your face when I caught you sitting on The 250.


Infrastructure. The last couple of years, has been firewall/UTM/Proxy/Networks/Servers/VMware/ all sorts really. Papercut/Uniflow/AD. It’s a big long list.

Been offered a couple of 2nd line manager roles, but the pay was poo.

Suzuki GB charged £95 however my bike was made for Puerto Rico market albeit first registered here. I contacted Suzuki PR but the didn’t record nox so couldn’t help.

Option 2 - Get yourself a Honda :wink:

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BMW rung me up this morning and said they are offering £500 off new and used bikes this month in time for the new registrations.

Why would Sunday rides be a thing of the past?

In a few weeks you’ll be able to once again go to beauty spots which basically means you can ride where ever you want. “Rule of six” a bit later and that’s a nice rideout with your mates :slight_smile:

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can’t wait but I’ll have to

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You can have a ride out with your mates now. You just need to make sure the leader is dressed in a fox outfit & the rest of you in red jackets. :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re currently hunting for SREs if that’s of interest? Site Reliability Engineer - Government Digital Services (GDS)

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