Plain black hugger?

Where do I get a plain black hugger without paying over £100 for a small piece of plastic? I don’t want carbon fibre, I don’t want a flash paint job, I want a simple piece of black plastic that I can put on the rear wheel to stop the shocks getting covered in crap. Thoughts?



Keep an eye on this

Looks like a skidmarx hugger same as mine

just had a look skidmarx are 75 notes for a brand new one plus p&p of 7.50

Ok, bought a Pyramid hugger direct from pyramid plastics for under £80, gloss black to match the bike :-).

Think I might have a front fender extender for a suzuki lying around that is mostly black and could easily be made blacker . If its of any interest .

Rats, bought one while I was buying the hugger!

Owell … Its brand new never been on a bike . You know where a spare one is should you need it :slight_smile: