Places to visit during covid

Based on comments in the covid thread, and seeing as we may not visit abroad for a while…

What are some of the places in Britain you want to visit or related things you want to do (when allowed)? Can be towns, villages, monuments, bridges etc etc…

Doesn’t have to be placed you plan to go immediately but the idea is to give others inspiration

Don’t have to be like @me_groovy who has just added 58 churches to his ‘to visit list’… Probably best to stick to a top 3-5

Mine are (mainly very loose plans)
1 Somewhere remote in Scotland, or even Orkneys
2 Durdle door
3 Revisit some family roots in Penzance and Cornwall in general
4 Cheddar gorge (never got round even though lived very close for years)

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Does the gym count as a place in Britain :grimacing:

We have a trip booked to wembury followed by westbay in August.

Lizard peninsula, Cornwall. Visit Goonhilly Down.
Swim in the Camel Estuary.

Explore the NE coast of England, never been further up that coast than Hull.

Early morning trip to Broadstairs, Kent. Sea swim then coffee on the beach.

Pretty much the entirety of Scotland. I did a memorable car trip with the family some years ago, we took our time and stopped off at nice places along the way. It was remarkable how each day the scenery became more and more wild.

The Yorkshire Dales are pretty but head further north and Northumberland is remote empty and lovely, then get north of Glasgow/Edinburgh into the Highlands and the real scenery begins. Skye was beautiful but the highlight for us were the Outer Hebrides: empty, lovely roads, stunning scenery on every corner. We spent a week there and had plenty of ‘could we relocate here?’ conversations.

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You just reminded me of something I saw on a TV programme about a remote very posh hotel in Tankerton. The hotel is way off my budget but they did mention a 500mile drive around the northern coast
of Scotland.

Don’t you also have to contribute to your gym’s council tax and utility bills because of the amount of time you spend in it?

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North coast 500 (or nc500)

It’s a loop of Scotland, did a bunch of it last year between the lockdowns, Scotland is stunning, definitely want to go back.
Though much like Ireland, the West coast is better then the East coast


Ive actually continued to pay my monthly sub without having access to it :stuck_out_tongue:

This 250 mile route looks interesting

I’d like to motorbike the nicer parts of the Lejog I cycled. West Coast of jockland defo worth a revisit. Such a shame there are so many sodding camper vans on it.


None Instagram link?

Yup, there’s one on the profile I linked too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Alas I can’t see it, Instagram wants me to login or create an account.

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Click on here Kev, scoll down.

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