Places to try on Helmets in Central London?

Before I see whats at Ally pally, I wanted to see what makes fit my head… :slight_smile:

Infinity Holborn?

Perfect - thanks mate.

There’s also an Infinity at Great Portland Street, and Metropolis in Vauxhall.

i hear ur quite an expect at fitting in helmets :stuck_out_tongue:

…gna run now :smiley:

i bet you aren’t running that fast…:laugh:

j&s greenwich? hein gericke welling?

Wouldn’t go for some places or shows for lids because i’ve heard of many helmets being imported. If you’re still looking we down at hg welling don’t have imports and have many helmets to try on for you.

Drop us a message if you have any questions, or contact us at the shop.

metropolis has a good range…

motorcycle store shepards bush

0207 610 4131