Places to do your CBT Nr Putney???

Hey guys my one of my work collegues wants to do his CBT pretty soon and he lives in Putney can you guys recomend somewhere close and somewhere good!

My mate runs a training school in Shepperton if thats not too far to go.

Based above Jack Lilleys.

Whats a CBT?

Thank you PJ i really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Shepperton! Are you joking?

I lived in Putney and did my CBT in Summerstown/ Earlsfield at the Dogtrack with - Elite

Thank you Garret :slight_smile:

I will pass the two on to my collegue :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

Advantage in Wimbledon, thats around the corner pretty much

I don’t think elite are still in Wimbledon. Bikewize in sutton isn’t too far from putney.