place of residence

If you guys could live anywhere you like, where would it be?..and why?.. thinking about a few places to work and enjoy riding. as my next future career move.

back home in the vallies.


California and only becasue you would get loads of dry days for riding!

thats what i was thinking.

Somewhere in Spain, or Italy where there’s great weather and many fantastic GP circuits within driving range

tell me where Jay!!..

Golden Bay in NZ

One of the most beautiful and laid back places in the world.

Chianti in Italy - breathtaking roads!

Wine’s not bad either…

I’d love to find my way back home to Boston, MA at some point…I think I could probably be happy living in Rome too.

I’m thinking Australia somewhere on the coast - all the aussies I’ve met are laid back, great weather, they speak English so I wont have to learn another language, and the sterling will also go far.

seeing as Ty gets paid in dollars…and the rate is 1.97 at the mo

me thinks i shall be looking for a new home in the States !!

can anyone suggest somewhere nice, peaceful and near the sea…but nowhere near the bleeding earthquakes thanks