Place Bets Now.....

Court soon kiddies…

Right, on my counter part, 2 bans within the last 36 months, this will be my 4th in total, 25 years of age, advanced driver. No criminal record.

My charge is speeding, 130 on the Motorway on video(police video not mine), also on the video is me under cutting traffic, going through a orange/nearly red light on route to motorway…

No mitigating circumstances/no excuses…

So what do you think my ban and fine will be?

IMHO, I think 6-9 months ban and £500 fine(I will be going for a high fine/low ban).

Your guess…person closest will get a high 5 at blackheath and a backhand.

I reckon that you will get a 18 month ban, and forced to retake your test.

i wouldn’t know, but wish you all the best :slight_smile:

Is it only speeding or dangerous driving?At a guess ban of 2months, extended retest and a fine of 2X your weekly income.

How can they force me to re-take my licence after having it 8 years?

It wont be more than 12 months, bet a billion pounds on it.

12 months is for drink driving.

i wouldn’t know much, but dont they take away your licence from you :Erm:

Yeah they can Ed, I recently took someone through a test who’d been driving 37 years and got a ban, give me a shout if you need some help, or advice if it comes to retaking, hope you get the outcome you’re after :slight_smile: x

Whatever the end result is it won’t be enough for four bans in eight years.

Shove an few ounces of sweet marry jane up ya arse just in case the judge is in a bad mood. My mate had a similar charge he got caught doing 140mph, Had been ban a few times before and the prosecution bought this up in court,judge ghosted him off he served 32days inside. But I think he was up for dangerous driving. Not just speeding…

Id say your get 6 points for sure aswell as a 6month ban… Your probaly have to pay about £350 in costs aswell…Sportsbikes a :unsure:

Ooooooh 18 month ban £300 fine


I dunno what court you have to go to…But if you go in and theres a securicor guard in the defendant box…You no your in trouble. Av it on your toes

Costa Del Sol?? Nice this time of year :cool:

3 bans already, bloody hell, how do u find insurance at all?

Yawn, go somewhere else old man.

because after a certain amount of time, you do not have to disclose them.

My gixer thou was a £1000 TPFT with zero ncb.

magistrate only.

Remorse and all that

Should be alright then,Just ban and that…You ain’t got a driving job av u?. My pal was a HGV driver,lost the lot,Job,wife left him,house the lot…All from a moment of madness on a sportsbike…Be careful out there people

Not really, it will affect certain contracts but I will be working in teams so shouldnt be a massive issue. I would be pissed on re-taking my licence though.

you’d have to re-apply for a provisional, do the theory, and its a longer than normal test… you’d be on the 2 year rule after passing too… if they make you retake it.