PJs dream project

have a look at this mate:



hmm, any bike costing $100k would look amazing, but is it really? i mean that money makes the difference, but amazing is buying a blown 1985 vmax for £900 and putting it back to life for another £500. Now that’s a great feeling.
only my humble opinion…

Bike porn, seriously, that’s drool worthy :slight_smile: I love build posts!

If anybody has ever welded will appreciate the difficulty of welding to an acceptable standard, but to weld titanium to the level this one’s at, well, this one’s in a another universe.

God man, that is some serious kit.:cool:

I’m in 2 minds about this one. I love Ducatis.

The kit I’ve seen in a quick look at the thread is lovely. However I can’t help thinking this is a story of one mans very large bank balance and his ability to throw large chunks of it at NCR.

I’d like to know who’s going to ride it.

If you’ve been lucky enough to ride a 1098R, you’ll know how awesome they are. I must admit, any serious loss of mass would make it even more unbelievable.

Right, who doing this V max thing then?

I just had to go have another cold shower:w00t:

I can’t wait to see the finished bike, and the weight lose will be interesting. I wonder if it will still ride as well as the original?

Well, you wouldn’t think that a 1/2 human-power device like a wheelchair could tell you anything about material behaviour in frames, but weirdly enough, it does. While this project is more bling than you could ever imagine, I don’t think it will turn out too well.

When it comes to frame materials, the rule seems to be: Rigid, Light, Durable - pick any 2.

Steel: Rigid, Durable.
Aluminium: Rigid, Light.
Titanium: Light, Durable.

I would put money down that it will ride like a modern-day H2 KH750 and that the owner will ride it twice; once to try it out, the second time to confirm how scared he was the first time, and that it’ll end up as a display piece.

The amount of money they’re spending on it, I imagine that even if it’s absolutely awful, the owner will tell everyone how it’s the best bike ever built and how only Stoner’s Ducati will ever come close!!

I’ve just come over all funny at the sight of all that work, the bottom of the fork legs need to be in a art show, the detail and work involved in that thing is astonishing

Why not spend that money on a DesmosediciRR, turning it into a real GP6? :hehe:

Very good point. Guess he missed the boat. They’re like rocking horse s*** after-all. I’ve wanted one for a while!

Common as muck - there were several the last few times I’ve been to Jerez.

(All them beaten by the orange shopping bike)

The 1098R is the better bike as fair as going quick 'round a track.

Controversial Pete! I’m not doubting it though, but wow, just to own a D16RR would be a dream.

They sound amazing, though the 1098R isn’t too shabby.

The main thing I hear is amazing grip from the rear but a real lack of feel from the front.

Another problem with the Desmo is once you’ve fitted the race pipe, it’s too loud for UK trackdays!

I’m amazed that in factory form its below 102db.

I just did a sexwee :w00t:

I love the engineering side of it, all those beautiful milled parts, Its making a component be they best it can be at what it does…

BUT i want it to be used, turn wheels in anger, not sit somewhere gleming in the garage of some rich twat which this probably will…

my two peneth.