Pizza parking predicament...

This is what I saw when I got to work yesterday morning, and it was a similar story in the other three (already insufficient) bike bays in the immediate vicinity.

Fair use, or bleeding liberty?

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Definately taking Liberties, thats bang out of order.

Why exactly? Did they not display road tax or something?

I too think it`s a p1ss take.

Surely that’s commercial parking? I didn’t think commercial enterprises were allowed to use pubic parking spaces… or have I got that arse about face?

I think a call to the council is in order.


If they pay road tax like anybody else why they shouldn’t park there?

I wish all motorcyclist park as good as them and use whole parking space properly instead of

taking as much space as thay like.

Wait until there are no bikes next to them, then push them over


Imagine you had a van hire place just near where you lived and they kept all their vans on the road instead of locked up in their own car park…? You’d be pretty peeved when you couldn’t find parking. Same thing on a different scale, a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles aught to provide it’s own parking space instead of using up so much of the limited space available to others…

I don’t know if they contravene any rules but it’s bang out of order if you ask me…

That is out of order! Especially if as you say other bays are affected in a similar way…

It’s not right because it’s commercial. What about other riders?

I’m undecided about this too, but I was peeved that I couldn’t park because of it. I did call the council to see if any laws had been contravened, but after much umming and ahing, they decided that they were probably within the law.

The good news, however, is that once Westminster council introduces charges for motorcycle parking bays, such behaviour will be a thing of the past. Or so I was told. I knew there was a positive aspect to it somewhere…

that’s just too tempting for a game of commercial bike dominos

Not in infringment, but it is annoying. I am NOT in favour of paid parking bays, it will put me out of a job!

That kin irritates me. Commercial parking like that is unacceptable the council should do something.

me thinks you should get one long chain steel cable type they cant cut through made up and put it through all the wheels of the bikes,

then they probably would stop taking the piss

Does seem to be taking the piss a bit, but having worked for Dominos in the past, i also know that they usually don’t have any/very limited parking space at the store. All the drivers are allocated a bike that they usually drive on all of their shifts so if the bike gets a parking ticket, who do you think pays it? Its certainly not Dominos pizza, the money is docked from the wages of the driver of the bike. When you’re on £5.25 an hour a 60 or 100 pound ticket makes a hell of a dent in your wages.

Just trying to show the story from the other perspective.