Pizza Hut Scooter Off.

Early today was following a Pizza Hut scooter, filtering past slow moving traffic.
No traffic comming towards us. Guy in slowing moving traffic just indicates and pulls out turn right at at a junction.
Took out the guy on the scooter.
I got past, pulled up to check on the guy. By time i took my helmet off and crossed the road, the passenger of the car, a women, was squareing up to the rider, shouting in his face.
I calmed her down, probly in shock, made sure the scooter rider was ok, and left them to exchange details.

Gotta be careful out there.

I suppose both partys are to blame in a case like this.

Presumably they have your details as a witness?

Presumably they have your details as a witness? Big Red S

I didnt think to give my details, and they never asked.
Should i have given my detail?

As a witness to an accident yes
Phone up Pizza Hut and let them know and they will trace the shop and rider

Yeah, having independent witnesses makes the whole thing easier and quicker for the two involved (since it’s not just one person’s word against the other).

Being a witness can be thoroughly tedious, though…

When someone drove into the back of our car on the roundabout even the insurance company said if it wasn’t for the witness it would be my word against his and probably wouldn’t have paid out, where it was quite clear that van drove to the back of our car.
So if I ever see a crash I put my name forward as a witness.

Il be goin to the local Pizza Hut tomorrow and have a chat with the guys.

So is the car driver 100% in the wrong. He may have checked his mirror and not seen the scooter because he was in the blind spot?

How as a motorcycle rider who filters can we stop getting in situatios like this.
The guy wernt speeding.

I guess the insurance/law bods will make up their own minds about who was at fault, you just need to tell them the facts. How fast was the scooter filtering, how fast was the car driving, how long did the car indicate for before turning, would they have had a view of the scooter (rain, dark, obstructions?) etc.

I filter for a large part of my commute and my general rules are, don’t filter much faster than the cars in the queue, stay as far out as possible (allowing for oncoming cars), be wary of gaps in the traffic that people may pull out from or junctions on the right that people may turn into and assume that nobody will look or indicate before turning.

The scooter chap will get hassle for overtaking by a junction, which the highway code say you ‘should not’ do. (I did read your incident description correctly, yeah, car in queue turn right down side street taking out filtering scooter - yes?)

Either way, it won’t be as clear cut as you expect. So do put a witness statement in and describe the riding the of the scooter and what the car did. It will help. Good chance it’ll just a be a few letter, writing a good description and drawing some nice descriptions.

I once saw a car hit back of another, trying to cut up the inside, in a queue near crossroads. Chap just seemed to communicate he’d pull into the side street to exchange details. Figured they’d might want a witness, even though it appeared like a standard rear shunt. Pulled into side street too, saw car hit, but no sign of one that’d gone up back! Had just scarpered, and girl hit had no clue of their reg… Thankfully, my wife have memorised it, passed it on, plus our details. A vehicle reg check showed the reg number wasn’t tax’d or mot’d! Had to fill in some forms for insurance and police report, but wasn’t too much hassle. Hopefully, cops would have thrown book at them.

I guess the insurance/law bods will make up their own minds about who was at fault
They won't put any thought or effort into it. Assuming both parties are properly insured, their respective insurers will simply split the costs 50/50 thereby hammering both party's NCD.

That, my friends, is the likely outcome of any filtering incident. When I did a BikeSafe day, many years ago, the copper I was with wasn’t shy with his filtering. After a few sessions of some quite spirited filtering, I specifically asked him about blame in filtering incidents; his view was that while filtering is legal, any incident will automatically put the biker at the disadvantage because insurers will always view the biker as partly at fault.

Helmet cam is the only way to defend late indication as witnesses tend not to recall what happened just before the incident occurred. Most will confirmed the driver was indicating as that was the case when they had reason to check.

Sounds like it. No one should ever pull out into a blind spot. That why us bikers do shoulder checks, and so should all drivers. My car has an awful blind spot, even with a shoulder check, due to it not have quarter light windows at the rear, just very wide pillars.

Every case is viewed on its own merits and most will be settled on how the legal representatives perceive a Courts decision. My last filtering off the third party was considered to be 100% at fault by my legal team, he admitted 30%, then 50%, then 70%, it was lengthy process. Two years later, the day before we step in Court he admits 100% liability. My problem was I had no witnesses. And he knew it and thought my case was weak However my case based on two facts. First the third parties admission that he only checked his rear view and did not actually look. Second, his acceptance of the Courts offer of a driver awareness course in lieu of prosecution for Careless Driving.

Iv been thinking of what happened and had a thought.
I could be totally wrong.

Its just a question, what if the car driver was high on drugs/ been smoking weed.

If you thought he was, you should have called the police and told them of your concerns, the same as if you thought he’d been drinking.

Iv been thinking of what happened and had a thought. I could be totally wrong.

Its just a question, what if the car driver was high on drugs/ been smoking weed.


When I got hit in my car and I thought the driver was uninsured as they kept changing their mind on the road side… So I call police and said I think they are pulling a fast one this is what they said and I’m quoting loosely here

Plod “is anyone injured”
Me “No, but I don’t think they are insured”
Plod “If no one is injured we will not send a unit”
Me “but they potentially should not have been on the road”
Plod “we will not send anyone, you’ll just have to exchange details”

Now don’t get me wrong, I know they have budget cuts to deal with and bigger better things to do. But when we are in a position where the police cannot/will not attend unless someone has actually been injured it is a sorry state of affairs.

you should have replied, ‘no nobody’s injured yet

Or just say, I didn’t think anyone was injured but my neck is really starting to hurt!