Piston heads gets owned


heh, custard.

Brillant way to prove a point :smiley:

jokes :smiley:

Excellent thread :). Love the custard test, he certainly shut them up!

That was awesome…got caught sniggering in the office while reading this lol!

total winner!

Amazing cars-I’m not a member on PH but do look occasionally. Some people on there seem like total knobs, all the ones calling custard probably drive their mum’s saxo!

I’m not a member either I got this from edition 38 and cracked up laughing when the pictures rolled in :slight_smile:



Lmao… Owned :smiley:


Hilarious! I haven’t seen that much back paddling since a bear swam across the river in front our canoe, Canada 1998… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s gonna be just as funny on here when Moto King posts up pics of custard tubs sitting on his Panigale, his Ferrari, his Hummer, his Yacht, his Jetstream (no not that one!), his Veyron, his…


Ace…Love it!

I think this goes back to a thread that was on here the other day about people who don’t like to see others do well.

And yeah, as said above, they probably all drive Saxo’s!


^ Or Nova’s

Are they even around anymore, they used to be as common as ars3holes

Nova and rentault 5 would make a nice welcome return if done properly and stay away from the halfrauds stick on extras

Renault 5 GT Turbo, now there’s a blast from the past, loved those cars. Paper thin, but as fast as fook.

Our very own PJ had a red Nova GTE when he was a lad…

I love the custard idea :smiley: