Pissed cyclist dislocates my finger!

So set off from a pelican crossing, 30 yards from a cross roads, and a pissed cyclist appears from between two stationary buses and his front wheel hits my right hand side engine casing. Fairing bolt snapped off, most of right hand side scratched and no font brakes, lever comes straight back to the bar, if I pump them I do get something, I dislocated my right ring finger so there must have been an impact on my right hand/brake lever any ideas a to the brake problem?

Lever is fine, not bent or damaged, the brake lines all look fine, there is fluid in the reservoir, no leaks that i can find. Lack of pressure says it is a line or bleed nipple or banjo but they all look fine. Piston popped out of caliper? Any suggestions welcome

warped front disc?

Assuming the failure is a direct result of the collision then fluid must have escaped from the braking system somehow/somewhere :ermm:

What it ‘looks’ like is neither here nor there really, get down and try bleeding the brakes, you’ll probably find a leak somewhere :wink:

As for a piston popping out of the caliper that wouldn’t be possible assuming the disk pad backing plate and the disk itself are still intact.

I trust you got the allegedly pissed cyclists details so you could proceed with a claim for your losses

I assume the damage happened because the bike fell over, otherwise that was quite some collision.

Did you manage to accost the pisshead?

Bike stayed upright, he must have been travelling at quite some speed I think, I had travelled about 30m from stationary so only doing 15-20mph. He was a visiting Eastern European gentleman so don’t hold out much hope that details I got will be true but you never know.

I really fooking hate cyclists! this is exactly why they should have insurance and licence plates (or some form of identety) they want all the benefits of using the public highways yet when they damage your car/bike they get away with it and cost you money!!!

That don’t sound too promising, were the Police not involved?

If all else fails as a last resort you could whip the spark plugs out and check them :wink:

Warped front disc, waves at you when you spin the front wheel, new discs and pads needed. So that and two new fairing panels will be about £500.

Didn’t involve the police, didn’t think about it at the time, wasn’t until I set off and tried to brake that realised it wasn’t just cosmetic damage and by then he was long gone.

Tried the number given and it’s dead, so looks like I am out of pocket.

Whoops, a lesson learned the hard way

Let me know if you need help :wink:

Sorry to hear about it, not great. Just something to remember for everyone is when you exchange details like this and someone gives you their number, ring it whilst they are there. So if they have given you a false number you can then swot them with your helmet.

Cheers again Scorch but my local mechanic is going to do it for an hours labour charge.

I saw pissed and thought you meant pissed off…was quite confused reading the story …then it clicked

Happy Days :slight_smile:

Sorry to read this richm. Guess you wished you did some of your Hong Kong Phooey stuff on him now.