Pirbright Green lanes ?

Had a Lad doing a cbt with me on saturday, when I asked what riding experience He had, He said just a bit of off roading.

Said He and his Mate use to go to pirbright, green laneing…also on the tank tracks of a near by Army base.

Anyone know em/done em ?


Dont be adding off roading to Sunday’s gig, I look at dirt and fall off!:pinch: Plus, obviously there’s the issue of getting my bike dirty!:frowning:

Not for this sunday George, but love to find out where they are…then we can start incorperating em into the ws bcr on other weeks :slight_smile:

Just carry a cloth up your sleve and give it a wipe now and again…I’ve herd you treat your bike like your knob :stuck_out_tongue:

Tis true, can’t go past a bush without trying to stick it in :wink:

Not sure if your actualy alound on them, ive ran along them plenty enough back in the day.

Im gona be in Aldershot in Just over a week for a course so i’ll be up for any riding round that way. Dont know anyone there at the moment so i couldnt find out about getting on the tank tracks

Cheers Asbo, see if you can find out about em, we found one lane that we’ve done a couple of times, but the tank trax look so inviting :DGiss a shout when your this way and we’ll organise a rideout :wink:

I know the ranges around there pretty well and you’re not allowed to ride through them. I don’t know what the consequences are but you will get chased off.

Chased off :cool::smiley:

Cheers Mate :wink:

On most of the signs we saw, it said max £20 fine, dont seem bad if you get the whole day :hehe:

It’s a shame, f’sure, as those ranges extend all the way over to Frimley/Camberley and you rarely, if ever, see any army maneuvers out that way.

We used to try it on as kids, but it aint any fun when you’re continually looking over your shoulder.

Used to love out running the police on my bike when i was a kid riding on the train lines… no there wasnt actualy any train lines there, im not that stupid, it used to be a train line though.

Will be there from the 26th. I plan on hitting up any rideout thats on that sunday, was gona ask the jets but if you have one planned i’ll tag along :smiley:

Sorry Mate, I wont be organising a rideout on the 26th…doing this on the 25th, on my moto, dont think I’ll be in any fit state to do anymore riding :unsure:http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic785942-52-1.aspx Yeh I know…I must be a wimp :slight_smile:

That looks like a rite mish… What tard are you riding? Looks like it could be interesting but i hate motroways on my moto

Then may be we’ll put together a BC RR :cool:

SOLD… lets get it on

Other than the route to the euro tunnel, once over in France it will be smaller twisty roads :)Brought thishttp://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic820552-24-1.aspxGona go 1 up on the front sproket before I go ;)You fancy the trip ? herd you get about on your tard :smiley:

You’ve herd rite :DI was very tempted like but im lucky to get 60 miles out of a tank so i think id be a hindrance to the ride. Rekon i’ll go camping with shane and whoever, thats if they do it, and then BCR sunday. Im going to get a sportsbike after tour next year so i can go on longer rides without having to keep stopping to fill up

Dont fink I get much more to a tank…I mite see you on the camping, if im to f ucked to ride home…I think its close-ish to the eurotunnel :wink:

I got a good distance out of a tank when i had my Duke2 which is the same as the LC4. Better on the long open roads than my moto, still not that much fin mind. Love my tard though and use it completely against what everyone says about them