Pipes. Pipes everywhere

Hi all,

So I recently got a new exhaust on Big Suze (my CBR600F1), and while lovely, I’ve noticed an abundance of pipes in the general area. My Googling proved inconclusive - anyone know what these are?

They’re routed through the centre stand and are almost touching the ground, and I can’t see anywhere obvious they should be routed instead.

My first thoughts were out with the shears, but then I’m an idiot, so any advice much appreciated.


they are overflows. (could be wrong). for exansion stuff like coolant :smiley:

Petrol, coolant and another Petrol IIRC. All ideal things to put on a back wheel…

Sump breather

Petrol tank breather

Petrol overflow

and some other stuff…

Carb fuel overflows.

my big bug bear with most bikes… so much detail on how they look only to have little tubes coming out the end like as if a cat is taking a ****!

Cheers all, put my mind at rest at least! Should they be that long though?

Alex - My thoughts exactly, you’d think they’d come out the side or something. Hmm.

You may find that the previous owner routed them wrong at some point. If you can get to see a factory service/assembly manual it should tell you the correct route for them - or ask you’re friendly local dealership.
It’s alright though, when I first got my bike the PO had them routed so that the carb fuel overflows emptied onto the exhaust!!! :blink: