Pinlock Seal

I seem to have sprung a leak in my clear pinlock insert. It happened after I changed it for my tinted one. When I changed back a week or so later it had the leak, so goodness knows what happened to it. The seal itself seems to be intact but it leaks none the less.

Is there some kind of recommended sealent (or even house hold product) I can apply to the seal to restore it or perhaps some thing else I can do?

if its from a shoei - all you need to do is take the pinlock fog insert out - turn the screw’s/pins (stalk that holds them in) around to bring them facing inwards (closer together) then re-install insert and press the seal all around (you might have to do this every time you take it out - but just buy a dark visor rather then smoked insert for daytime/sunny use, you don’t need the fog visor in warm weather, its just when you breath out from mouth/nose and that air is hotter then outside your helmet that the visor will fog up!! i.e winter/rainy days) visors normally come with a free visor bag aswell!!

I’ve been meaning to post up and say thanks. Your tip worked a treat. If I’d have looked closer I would have seen the off center screws myself :smiley:

Thank you!

Thanks matey…I was about to buy a new insert before I read this.