Pink. Barbie pink.

Hi Everyone,

So I passed my DAS a few days ago and now I’ve gone and bought a bike. It’s a really nice sv650s (2004 model). Great price, fantastic condition etc etc. But … it’s pink. Not even mildly pink, but really bright Barbie pink.

As comfortable as I am with my sexuality, the pink needs fixing asap. I spent all my cash on the bike, so I can’t afford a proper respray just yet. I was wondering if anyone could recommend what I could use to spray-paint the panels without making it a pain for the resprayers. Or should I just paint it any colour and let them sort it out?



Hehehe, hey Mango! Welcome to LB, biking and your new SV! I must admit, I had a chuckle when I read this. I think Rictus paints his own fairings from time to time, so it might be worth speaking to him. You can normally pick up replacement fairings on eBay for a good deal. A re-spray will be expensive if you take it to someone.

Hope to see you at Cubana!

any chance of seeing a pic…?

Haha actually pink is not my fav colour.

Erm yes, sounds like a horror you have there ! Replacement panels would be the way forward me thinks. And SV’s don’t have many panels to replace do they? Shd be easy

Haha. Ok, here it is.

Oh and can anyone recommend a book on respraying?



Your right not many panels to replace ive been looking on ebay for blue lowers for about a month and ive had no luck at all…

i saw that for sale on ebay…my misses likes it

Why doesn’t she buy an SV in a normal colour and we can swap panels :slight_smile:

she is to scared to ride a bike, sorry dude you gonna have to ride a pink bike, make sure you get pink leathers too lol

Yeah and with some tissue paper stuffed in the top of my jacket and a long blonde wig the effect would be complete.

Or perhaps I should just ride it as is and wink at hairy dispatch riders at the lights.

that would be a laugh just to see there faces when they find out your a bloke

get some quality BLACK gaffer tape man… ASAP!!

You are right, that is VERY pink. Ask around your local motor factors/garages for people who will spray the panels, take them off the bike and prep them youself so you can save £.

Wow, screw the r*** a**** thing, that’s probably the best bike anti-theft idea I’ve ever seen !

I wouldn’t do that, if you ever turn up at Cubana, you’ll just have a bashful Trojan making enquiries on here wanting to know if anyone’s got your phone number !


It’s not that bad…and it’s different! And as Pat says who’s gonna nick it?
Enjoy it until you get the cash together and then get it done by a pro - will look better - there’s bound to be a few on here!

mate, when you texted me and said it was pink, I didn’t in a million years imagine it to be metallic candy floss pink!

mmmm, nice - you do realise I shall be taking the mickey when i see you on it

Right now I’m trying to source some My Little Pony decals.