Ping Jay!

I came back and read about your unfortunate run in with the white transit van types…that is the UBER suck. That bike was GORGEOUS…sad to think of it being gutted so it’s pricey bits can be sold off. :frowning:

That said, I’m sure you’re on to something bigger and better…have you settled out on your insurance and got a new bike yet? Weren’t you on about an Aprilla for a period of time?

Hey fella, good to see you back :slight_smile: Yeah, thanks, I was gutted, and still am, I miss that bike so much, but the new one is a dream in different but similar ways!

I was looking at the RSV4, but it didn’t materialise. I got impatient waiting for a due date and bought something else instead. Not going mad with this one though, as much as I’d love to, it’s not really that wise in London it seems. Thieving bastards.

Hope you and the family are well!