Pimp my map [Boxhill - Canterbury]

Hi all,

I´m doing a little ride on saturday with Canterbury as the end destination. You can view the map here.

Since I am fairly new to English roads, I was wondering if a kind soul would like to have a look, and recomend any nice detours, roads to ride etc…

Even better, if you want to return it modified. Also if you like to just use it and print it, be my guest. (I will report back upon completion)

Maybe we could start a thread?


I wouldnt go all that way down the A3. Either leave at Milford and head down to Midhurst, or leave after the Hindhead Tunnel and then follow the B2070.

Pimped but you’ll have to join the dots.

Cut out the A3/A272 from Guildford to Midhurst and paste in this bit

It starts at the Esso Garage on the A283 at Milford and ends at the World famous Wessons Cafe, passing close by the Goodwood Circuit via the A286 and A285 :wink:

Cheers guys!! Thanks a lot!!