PIMP jobies mini!!

well, jobie has done alot of saving and has made an improvement on her banged out tatty mini and has come out with a rally looking car,

i think it looks wicked, and thts nt because i did all the work to it

what do u all think??

very tight mate.


I’m so proud of him!!! (Christof and the car)

He’s finally getting there!!

I’ve always like those. Nice ride

Thank You

ya dont mean pimp my ride…you mean dump my ride

You mean KISS MY A*SE!!!

nice job - didn’t know there were other mini fans on here, here’s mine



looks very nice needs a pair of spotlamps. minis don`t look right without dem

they will be on the way, along with chrome arches, paint job, new bonnet, and… rear side window…

wat, and then ya gona dump it

on ur drive way!!! hahah

I’m gonna punch you!!!

dnt do tht, tug enjoys it!

Just push his bike over … again

better give sean a call for that joking

oooooooooooooooooooo, ya gonna take that Tug? Are you? Are you?

hey tug do u need super mum to help u sort out these children!!!

i will get my smacking stick ready!!!

Yes please

ground them…but not together they might get up to something