Pimlico Pilot(Martin) - Memorial Ride - Sunday October 21st

**UPDATED ** see details below

Pimlico Pilot(Martin Ackner) - Memorial Ride - Sunday October 21st

It’s coming up to the first anniversary of the tragic accident that took from us our good friend and very active LB member Martin Ackner (AKA Pimlico Pilot). Further to recent discussions with other LBers and on the thread… link here we are proposing a memorial ride…

As we know Martin was extremely enthusiastic about his motorcycling and was a regular on ride outs home and abroad. He always attended at least one, if not two or all three :), of weekly LB meets at Borough Market, the tea hut and the Ace. He also like to ride to and from other bikers cafes so…

I thought it might be fitting if we started at the Ace, then out to the H cafe, down to Loomies(all Martins rides had a visit here), lunch on the way at Departure Lounge which has an aeroplane fuselage outside, down to Goodwood(his home turf) before coming back up past the accident spot and depending on numbers maybe stop for a moment but as it is not ideal for a lot of bikes to stop there, a slow ride past and give him a toot of the horn maybe a better option… then up to Rykas at Box Hill to finish, have brew and reminisce.

It would be good if we could get Anthony, Martins cousin, who we rode with a few times to ride along with us. Also be nice to let Susie, Martins daughter, know in case she or any other members of the family might like to meet us for lunch or on route… I haven’t got any contact details but maybe Bob or Westie or anyone else can
help with them?

It’s a month way but just wanted to get it on the board for now and will update details, start time etc. later…

Obviously if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions happy to go along with the consensus.

So say if your in then or have any thoughts on it… we’ll get a list started… I know some of you have already posted on the other thread…

Update… So here’s the plan then…

Departing from the Ace next Sunday 21st with full tanks…

I’ll be there before 9:00 would like to be away by 9:30ish

First stop the H cafe for a short break…
Lunch near Alton(see below)… fuel stop on the way or just after be about 100+ miles in I guess…
Down past Loomies - Was going to have a short stop but it’s been pointed out to me that as there will be a lot of bikes there and about it’s probably not a good idea to stop with a big group, it’s only 15mins from lunch as well, so maybe just pass by I think is best.
On down to Goodwood on a few of Martins favourite roads…
Coffee stop near Petworth… hope there open :slight_smile:
A stop / regroup somewhere short of Beare Green, to allow Westie + a few others to go on to lay the flowers, group to follow on for a slow ride past…
Then the short run up to Rykas(Box Hill) where the ride finishes.

Cornerman system will be used… I know you all know it :slight_smile: but for any that don’t it’s explained here… Link … We really don’t want to loose anyone! So please mark the corners in a safe, clear and visible way and point the way if you have to. Also do please stop and mark up any junctions/change of directions I may miss or you think needed.

All LB members of course welcome whether you had met Martin or not, however, having discussed it with others, that we have to exclude learners and 125 riders… sorry guys, I know some of you have asked to come but it is not a suitable ride for you.

Lunch is at the Departure Lounge Cafe link here … they have asked me to let them know an approx. number by the end of the week so please edit and repost up the list if there’s any change in / out or newcomers… the list below taken from both threads in no particular order :slight_smile: … hope I haven’t missed anyone…

  1. Geoff B

  2. Anthony

  3. szymon
    bluelagos (in spirit)

  4. Giuliano

  5. westie800

  6. djmrmagic

  7. Miss Plum

  8. IMORTAL_Indian

  9. Herr Schmidt

  10. timebandit

  11. Serrisan

  12. CGB

  13. Busa55

  14. steveCBR11XX

  15. The Sleeper

  16. Hels

  17. Art

  18. theoc

  19. silveR6

  20. weefrenchie

  21. Bikergirl_400 - Tail Gunner

  22. Doof!

  23. Rioting Rob

  24. Jetstreams

  25. DanielGT

  26. banditjohn

  27. Flats

  28. driesie

  29. Tom_Matthews88

  30. Jimbo 1

  31. Daws1989

  32. tehswerver

  33. Wolverine

  34. Furrybiker

  35. Zander

  36. R1 FRANC

  37. LiM

  38. Kevsta

  39. nivag

  40. KTMmartin

  41. rixxy

  42. Jaime

  43. AndyCr15

  44. duffnut


I’ll be there

I will be there.

I expect to be there.

I didn’t personally know the man but I will be there.
You lot can’t all be wrong in saying he was a top guy.

if i have a bike by then, i’ll be there.

thanks Geoff for organizing it. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too, RIP Martin

Good stuff Geoff, def in!

Will be there

Would there be room for someone who joined LB too late to have the pleasure of knowing Martin?

I’m in;) well done Geoff for organising :slight_smile:

I’ll be there.

We`re in, a slow ride past seems a good option.

I’ll be there.

i`m in. well done geoff. would it be possible to do the black ribbons, to wear for the ride? RIP martin old chap.

JC found a place to do the black ribbons for Puppy, he may still have the details.

If you don’t have a bike, I’m sure there will be a pillion space for you Alba

Thank you for organising it Geoff! I am in!

Ill meet you at the Ace.

Will be there in spirit. Well done Geoff…great to see lots of others making an effort too.


I never new the guy but if I can I’ll try and get to it. RIP PP