Pilot sport

Ok guy and girls, I need to order a new set of tires, front one is worn and rear one is f*cked.

Ive been looking at a set of Michelin Pilot Sport. Has anyone used them and are they any good?

Feed back much appreciated

I use them, I think they are quite good. Having said that, I haven’t experienced any other tyre, so am not in a position to compare.

To me they have plenty of grip in the dry, and I managed to “ave it” with a porsche in the wet, so cant be all bad. Just be careful riding into the multi storey at lakeside when it’s wet, like a bloody ice rink… almost lost it.

Am due to replace them soon, and will keep with what I know… pilot sport.

cheers fella

I will see how much it cost to order them through work

oooo in that case, I may come to you when the time arises?

no probs mate but you will have to let me have a go on ya bike

So long as you dont go anywhere near a Zebra crossing in icy conditions!!!

Ive got Pilot sport on and its a great tyre with loads of grip, even in the wet.

Awesome tyre, just got a set of 2ct (not the same tyre) after changing from the stock k1 gsxr tyres and there is a massive improvement…go see the guys at essential rubber top service and no booking required

I normally use BT014’s, but have just ordered a set of pilot sports from M&P, they have got some good deals at the mo!!

Think you are right mate, think I saw the saying it on their website.

well they are now fitted and my cornering confidence has doubled the bike just wants to lean on every corner without me even trying, and I got em dirt cheap i love my job

Just to confirm did you get the pilot sport or the 2ct.

And how much can I get a rear for?


New rear about £130 fitted.

You can get a front and rear from M&P for about £130, but £50 delivery charge.

I got pilot sports front and rear

It cost me £140 for both tires and fitting

so can you get us that price? But I only need a rear.

I think the rear cost me about 60 quid. what sv do you ride?

Any litre bike owners use and rate these tyres?

Yup indeed I do! Work well on my bike, although they are soft and the torque of my engine seems to like eating them… or is it how I ride! yyyeeeeeeee hawwwww