Pilot Road 4 V 5?

Morning All,

I need to get my front wheel changed as on the wear lines. Really I need it done this weekend called Watling in Catford who have the PR5 but not the 4

anyone have any experience with the 5’s? any good? I really love the 4’s so happy to stay with them unless someone wow’s me on the 5s.

Thanks in advance

Got mates who have put the 5’s on…they rate them even more than the 4s…

5 all the way

I’ve been looking up, and they have dropped alot of the tread on the sides as most riders don’t go over 35degrees in the wet.

How do I know if I do or not? not saying I’m any sort of Cal Crutchlow or anything.

Avi has the PR5 front on his bike, seemed to work well on that rideout.

Personally I never liked the PR4 on my Speed Triple and still rocking a set of PR3 on my Fazer :slight_smile:

Got PR5’s on my FZ6 since October. Not had Pilot Roads before, was always into Metzelers on old Fazer (Z6 ,Z8, Roadtec 01, M7RR). The M7RR’s were last most recent choice of rubber. Do find the PR5’s a spot on hard side and slow to warm in comparison - probably expected since they’re more touring focused, compared to M7RR’s more sports/track focus.

The PR5’s don’t seem bad as such, but I’ve not had best of luck with them, two punctures and a cold rear tyre spin 'n low side. Just haven’t had quite the confidence to tip the new FZ6 into bends like my old Fazer. :-/ Been struggling to work out if it’s these PR5’s, me getting familiar with new bike, the narrower 110 front on the old Fazer, the switch from the stickier M7RR’s or all just in my head. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really tell you much TBH. If you’re tossing between PR’s, just stick 'um on, they’re certainly not a bad tyre!

Never had PR4’s (PR3’s on a 1200 Bandit seemed pretty good) but 5’s on my commuter CB500x are top notch.

Just to piss on the fire
No such tyre as the PR5
They are called Road 5
I’m on my 4th set a great tyre for all weathers
The PR4 was shit I wouldn’t use them again
The road 5 is based on the old 2CT tyres they wear well and give lots of grip when canted over

See I love the PR4 so I think it comes down to personal preference. They will inevitably phase out the PR4 now the Road 5 is out, but as long as they make them I’ll be using them.

I once had a set of pr3, and did’nt like them much, seems to move about alot to me under heavy breaking. then tryed pr4 which were pretty good, even did a track day with them on the R1, coped quite well really. also had them on a sprint gt and they were fine. Have now got some road 5 on a honda vfr and have no complaints with them so far, will see how they last milage wise. always fancied some m7rr but wev will see.