pilot road 2ct

had those fitted last saturday:)

what a wonderful tires
the grip is unbelievable yet to find out how long they gonna last but the bike bike feel so stable cornering
the funny feeling at the beginning was when you lean the bike and softer rubber starts it kind of pulls you to the side
but the grip doesnt end

those tires defenetly build up my confidence and suddenly my understeering problems went away:P

Good aren’t they :smiley:

:)had them on my zk3 gsxr 600 amazing grip, will be getting some for the k6 gsxr and my track bike when the ones on there have had enough

still not tried these, i just use standard pilot powers, whats the difrence??

2ct’s have the dual compound that the regular pilots don’t have i belive. although so far the pilot powers are awesome anyway!

The Pilot Road 2’s are very good tyres for the road, a bit of a sports tourer.

Ratty, you’ll be swapping a bit of outright grip for longevity if you changed from Pilot Powers to Pilot Road 2’s.

Personally I’ll always go for the extra grip and extra grin factor:D

Totally agree, Milo. Had PR2s on my Bandit 1250 for about 7k miles, very little sign of wear so far. Improvement from the Dunlops that came on the bike when new is incredible. PR2s are great tyres.


powers stay!!:smiley:

i need al the grip i can get if im gonna get my elbow down:D:w00t::w00t:

you can get pilot powers in 2 ct as well:)

might try em we wil see;)

i went to a set of these from dragon corsa pros.

it’s like a different bike, much more feel and confidence - much faster warm up and the rear lasts longer than 6 weeks!

Iv’e just done 1800miles around the country in the last 2 weeks on a pair of Road Pilots… They were not my choice on the bike I was riding but I can say they are brilliant… Good in the wet too… And I had loads of rain when I was out on them…

i like bridgestone tyres the best but michelin are very good also

I took loads of advice from this site before i went to france about tyres and the most popular choice was the pilot power 2ct, i got them fited and loved them straight away, what a wicked tyre will be getting them again
2006 blade