Pilot Powers

Where can I get the michelin pilot powers for a good price including fitting?

I’m based in east london but am willing to cover other areas.


Essential rubber is moving to Bow soon! So just down the road from you if you in East London. They are in Hackney at the moment though which isn’t far. I don’t know exactly when they are moving I forgot to ask.

Their post code is N1 5AA at the moment you can google map it. I don’t know the price for the tyres you want, i was quoted £140 for the new Pilot 2 CTs I think they called Pures now…not sure what your price on the tyre would be. Google them can always give them a ring and ask.

Essential Rubber.

Nice guys too, had a chat with them while I waited, really friendly and easy going I will definitely going back for any tyres needs I have in the future.

just to add, i was once lucky enough to need a new set of pilot powers and they happened to be on offer and i got the last pair. i think i paid about £110 that time

£140 for a pair of power 2ct’s? That’s a really good deal mate. Did it include fitting + balancing?

From essential rubber?

Thanks mate

What 140 for front and rear? What size i paid 220 fitted for 120 70 160 60

Sorry I wasn’t clear, that was just for the rear, and it was for Power Pures, the new 2cts. Included fitting, sorry I didn’t realise I hadn’t said rear only.

I didn’t ask about the front or a pair as I had a puncture in the rear and only need a replacment, as it happened they plugged it for £25 which saved me £115.

No worries mate. I’m after a front as mine is almost gone but my rear still has plenty of tread. However if I can find a good deal I’d buy a pair.

I ride an R6 2004 and am currently running 120/70 17 Front, 190/50 17 Rear.

I was speaking to Essential’s on Friday - I asked when they were moving, all they knew was ‘some time this year’.

yeah very lucky…may have been more like 140 for the pair now that i think about it

Just got off the phone to essential rubber.

For the front its £95 fitted and for the pair its £210 fitted.