Pilot Power 2ct VS Sportmax sportsmart2 (2014 model)

I know there are thousand of this kind of topics per year. But I’m really struggling to make a choice
Pilot Power 2ct VS Sportmax sportsmart2 (2014 model)

I’m looking for best available grip in dry and if possible very or just good grip in wet.
Currently I’m running pilot road 2ct on front (Inherited) and Pilot power 2ct ar rear. (very happy with it so far)
And I have heard sportsmart2 are amazing as well (dunno if that’s true)

Had pirelli diablo rosso 2 at rear, it’s a bit sketchy in the wet.

All opinions and experience welcome.

It will boil down to personal preference really.
My guess would be the majority would opt for the Pilot’s and that is where i would put my money.

Thank you,

Been a Michelin fan for many a year but bought a ZX6R already fitted with Sportsmarts (the old generation) and I’ve been really impressed.

Riding everyday in all conditions since last August, they didn’t square off too badly with the commuting miles and felt fantastic on dry, damp or wet and cold roads.

Out of the two choices you’ve stated, I’d just get what is cheapest.

I have Pilot Power 2CTs and I get on with them fine. I had Bridgestone BT016 on before, I got on ok with those even though people said they were pants. I didn’t notice a step change when I moved to the Pilot Power 2CTs the perform well though. It’s a tough one to judge without comparing them back to back and when you change a new tyre for an old one the new one is always going to feel better. Don’t over think it have a punt and see how you get on.


I’ve been smashing 2CT’s on track and they’ve offered brilliant warm up time, great grip and loads of feedback and confidence. They’re been brilliant on the wet London roads too

+1; the Sportsmart 2s are fantastic. I’ve got 4 trackdays and 4k miles out of a set. great dry and wet grip / akin to BT016s but double the life.

Same here, had them on the track, no problems for my level of skill (not too high).

The Diablo Rossos are a bit more aggressive than the 2CT’s, so I wouldn’t be surprised that they a bit skittish in the wet. The tread doesn’t go to the edges on them.

If you’re not a superstar level rider and ride a lot in the wet, then I would recommend the Pilot Road series of tyres (PR3 or 4). I’ve had them on the track and they were ok, just a bit slower turning.

Fast warm up and stunning performance in the wet.

I got a tyre replaced at Essential Rubber last week, and was wondering what to go for (I was considering the PR4’s). They turned round to me and said that most decent tyres have capabilities past all but the most expert of riders, and therefore to pick something that I liked the look of!

I have run Pilot Power 2CT, Pilot power 3’s, currently on Diablo Rosso II - they are all very good with the Rosso’s offering quicker warm up time and better grip in the dry however after using dawns bike for a week when she had the PR4’s put on - thats what i am going for next, instant grip, warm up quick, great grip in dry and brilliant in the wet and the rear ‘should’ last longer then the other 3 which i never seem to get more then 4k out of (Rusty got 10k out of his PR4 rear i believe)

You want the best all rounder - PR4 all the way.

says it all really, PR 4 on my R1 (replacing Rosso II), and have just put them on the triumph Sprint GT aswell.

off topic a little, as you wont want these tyres, but I finally changed my rear for another conti trail attack 2 after 18500 miles!!!

and no, I don’t ride like a pussy! :smiley:

But how many of those miles were on a recovery truck after the bike wont start :Whistling:

Just got back from Essential and have put PR4’s on, as need to have a tyre that will do 3000 miles in 10 day’s next week.

The PR3’s which came off still had about 1000 left in them, and had done 9024 miles so average for me with PR3’s is 10k.
That includes some progressive riding, track day at Silverstone, 1000 miles round the Isle of Man and Santa Pod.
I think I got my money’s worth out of them :smiley:

Grrr…maybe I should have gone with the PR4 in the end. At least it’s only the front tyre - when it comes to replacing the back, I’ll go for a PR4 then

I managed 17,000 on my rear PR3, it was very square by the end, done 12,000 on the front so far

Had an interesting conversation with Mick, who said it was like putting clogs on Hussain Bolt adding PR4’s to a S1000.
I said well they don’t slow me down, don’t think I would want to go any quicker. And would not get 10k out of a rear Diablo or the like :wink:

You may have to if Ang is leading next week. :slight_smile:

I have just gone from PR4 GT’s to standard PR4’s on the FJR to see if that works any better. I an still not convinced the PR4 is better than the PR3. :slight_smile:

None you cheeky fecker, ironically the only time my bike has been on a recovery truck has been due to punctures.