Pillion seat dilemma!

Hi guys

I have this problem…My girlfriend wants to get on my bike as a pillion passenger however bike has just a solo seat. I have a Sportster 883 Iron which originally comes with solo seat…and to be honest this is what I realy like about it. I do not think the bike is designed to carry a pillion although I think it is well capable of and it is pretty straight forward to put one on. But I think it will ruin the looks of it…On the other hand, I have a girlfriend who is dying to get on it…Not sure what I should do!

Any thoughts?

How easy is it to change to seat? Could you have both and swap pretty quickly when she decided to go out with you?

get a second bike! :hehe:

You need a bigger bike!

I have a pillion seat and I’ll be happy to take her off your hands for you

alternatively, be grateful for having a gf who does want to instead of being scared of the them like most women

Thanks mate…i will definitely look into that. The thing is tho I can see that pillion staying on the bike permanently as i am not sure i can be bothered switching the damn thing all the time.

I have a pillion seat and I’ll be happy to take her off your hands for you

londondrz (02/06/2009) Clever people wear full leathers and body armour whilst on their bikes, organ donors dont.Hehe I like that. Thanks Groovy for your kind offer…but does not sort my problem out I am afraid. The problem is not with my woman, it is with my bike me thinks. :wink:

Get her to take her test, and get her own

Talk her into CBT then DAS, easy, you dont have to ruin the bike, she gets to ride with you, everyone’s happy :smiley:

It’s a bit harsh telling her to get her own bike when she only wants a go on it… either say no or see if you can get an interchangable back seat.

Thanks Mel. I am actually working on that. She did her CBT around 10 years ago and has a Vespa for a year and a half. Something put her off riding and she is not sure about going back to it…This looks like the best option for me! :slight_smile:

ah I see! swap your bike for mine then?

you can get pillion pads that just sucker onto the fender.


get rid of the david hardley can…buy a proper bike wiv decent pillion seat and…take her out on it, she will love it or pop along to the ace Im sure someone would take her for a spin…on the BIKE ya pervs :w00t::smiley:


you can get pillion pads that just sucker onto the fender.

Http://Oldskoolsuzuki.info For all you older gsxr needs.

This is an interesting one which I have never seen before. Good idea, but are they safe really?

Although I like most bikes, I would never get rid off me bike…even if I decide to do so one day, it will be replaced by another Harley! :smiley:

its been used for many a yr.
ask on 1 of the biker sites, 100% or bikersweb see if any 1 has used 1 and how they got on.