Pillion Question


Can a pillion on a motorbike wear a cycle helmet?


If you really hate them, sure.


Yes they can.

Is it illegal? Absolutely. Unless they convert to sikhism.


Oops, what if the driver was caught? and what would happen to the pillion?


Why would you…


Being Sikh does not get your out of wearing a helmet, wearing a turban does. Sikh’s not wearing turbans must still wear approved helmets.

If a pillion is under 16 then it is the rider’s responsibility that they are wearing an approved helmet. At 16 it become’s their own responsibility. The penalty is just a fine, I think of up to £2,000.

But it could also invalidate your insurance, as the terms of pillion cover could make you responsible for ensuring they are travelling in accordance with the law.


Not wearing a helmet or not having it fastened does not invalidate the insurance, it simply goes towards what is called “Contributory Negligence” and can reduce the amount of compensation by up to a maximum of 25%

It would have to be shown that the severity of the injuries increased because of a lack of a helmet, so for example if it was only a lower body injury, then there would probably be no contrib at all.

And in answer to the original question, a pillion is required to wear an approved crash helmet, so a cycle helmet does not qualifiy, and the pillion gets done for not wearing and the rider gets done for aid and abet. So both rider and pillion get done.


Well, it really isn’t worth the risk when you can buy a sharp rated box lid for £30…

Couldn’t resist that one! :joy:


So either a crash helmet or turban are allowed? Cool


A turban is allowed if you are a bona fide sikh. You cannot suddenly decide that you are going to wear a turban, although a few have tried that in the past.


And endanger their life. Crazy!


Really? For the time it would take to put a turban on, assuming not a real one intertwined with their hair, you could put a helmet on :roll_eyes:



Not that I care much, but I think it’s ridiculous that Turbans are allowed instead of crash helmets. The rationale for mandatory crash helmets is to reduce the burden on taxpayers by saving the NHS from looking after crash victims and reducing the number of net tax payers turning into a tax liability. if you crash and become a vegetable, you wont work and pay taxes for the rest of you life - instead you’ll be dependant on the state to care of you for the rest of your life…


That would however be dependent on whether the crash was your fault or not.

If it was not your fault then the compensation claim takes into account the need for the care you will need for the rest of your days so that it can be paid for rather than being the burden on the tax payer that you suggest.

It is only if the crash was your fault would your theory become reality. :slight_smile: