Pikeys rant

Just looking to vent off and find out how common the fuel theft is as my experience this weekend left me fuming.

Basically, it’s Saturday afternoon around 6pm and I am coming back home from shopping to find a group of gypsy kids that live on a travellers site not that far away from us (Bow) running away from something. As I get near my doorstep I can hear whooshing sound and by now I can smell petrol as well, a quick look at my bike and the petrol is oozing of my can with most of it already on the driveway.

Cheeky f**kers have tried to steel petrol and cracked the filter in the process, so I cannot even fix it without a new filter and a clamp - not to mention the loss of petrol.

I went after them and almost caught up with two of them before they dropped their jerry can as they were running away from me which I have promptly confiscated. They were like little f**king rates and managed run into the bushes and straight onto the rail tracks.

How bloody annoying. The Police have been notified and they have already come down to take all details. Hopefully there should be some CCTV footage from the estate.

I had problems with fuel lines a couple of times and I always put it down to the condition of the lines, rather than the theft. Now it all makes sense. I hate this type of thing, it annoys me even more than if someone actually nicked my bike. The fact that they think they can just take or damage someone else’s property.

Rant over. Doh.

scumbags shame they didnt get run over by the rain on the lines or electrocuted themselves .

Going back abit now three years infact but i found one of my bike which had been stolen under the railway bridge leading to that very site wires cut but it had a immobiser sonthey couldnt start it and.on s different occasion had my fuel lines cut both happen when i wss living on wellington way .

Considering how much crime is attributed to that site I’m shocked the borough haven’t done something about them. :angry:
The average family down there is pretty much supported by crime (and benefits) and the place just needs a few daisy cutters dropping on it in my opinion! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever the pikeys end up camped near me crime goes through the roof - and what do we do? We make TV programs like ‘my big fat gypsy wedding’ and make them out to be a lovable, honourable people - well my experience is that they’re simply nasty thieving wankers who leave a trail of destruction behind them wherever they go.


We had a camp set up next to the workshop when I worked in Watford, next to the old Watford springs swimming pool site. a neighbour called the local nick to let them know. 2 of the biggest coppers I’ve ever seen came an hour later to check for damage to property, which they found. it meant they could get a 24hr eviction order.

By lunchtime there was 6 police cars and 2 vans outside the site and a van full of armed response round the corner, there we only 3 caravans on the site by then, and probably about 8 people living in them. The caravans were escorted by the police out of the town centre and down to the M1 where they were forced to go south, and so out of Hertfordshire.

I asked a copper why they were so heavy handed, he told me that whenever they get a camp near town, crime goes through the roof and its largely the local scrotes who know that the camp will get the blame, so either way the camp has to go.

Armed response were there as a few months before, they had raided a different camp and found a shotgun in every van apparently.

Ok, so the consensus is we hate Gypsies, they are all thieves and we don’t want them moving onto land anywhere near us.

Top stuff guys…top stuff.

Well, it’s been a good few years since they took over the land near the rail tracks and they have made no positive contribution to the area whatsoever.

They illegally occupy the land owned by TFL and partly DLR or Serco, but they are not interested in getting involved in the eviction. They have been breaking into cars and garages ever since they got here. They have more bicycle and car “parts” in yards than a Halfords warehouse, but I am sure it’s all genuine. :Whistling: The amount of caravans and “settlers” seems to be growing every week and now they even have livestock including horses, goats, pigs and whatever else is there. The smell is just awful as they dump manure anywhere they can in the area. RSPCA doesn’t want to get involved either as it’s too complicated. Tower Hamlets Environmental Services just sent it straight back to the land over and the circle of irresponsibility starts again…

It drives me nuts to have this right bang on in the area which is undergoing a massive redevelopment with new apartments being built every week in place of the old social housing.

But I am open minded and I am all ears to know why we should tolerate it…

Cos there are more important things to worry about?

That’s exactly the attitude that allows it to continue and exist in the first place…

Well Pavel, my view is that we should provide proper places for these guys to stay. A year ago Essex council spent millions on evicting a load of travelers from land they legally owned, that had previously been a scrapyard, because they hadn’t followed the proper planning procedures.

Far better to provide these guys with proper sites and then we might avoid the situation of illegal camps.

But then 90% of posters supported throwing them out of Dale Farm too. So short of genocide, I think we should try and accommodate them rather than stereotype them, bully them, move them on and wonder why the problem doesn’t go away.

Legally owning land and legally building/living on land are 2 different things.

The rules apply to everyone equally otherwise every farmer with a bit of green belt land near london could chuck a block of flats up and make a fortune, with the unfortunate side effect that the countryside would get concreted over.

People are given retrospective planning permission all the time. Basildon chose not to. The problem was simply moved - not even outside the borough from what I understand. And it cost £15m was it?

All so we can maintain this facade of protecting the green belt. It had sfa to do with the green belt and everything to not wanting Gypsies next door.

Retrospective planning permission is also rejected all the time, especially if someone builds a housing estate on land that’s not supposed to be built on.

You’re not telling me they didn’t realise that planning permission was required.

I think sometimes they pretend they are ignorant. They not though, there smart and they know exactly what they are doing.

I think the Gypsies knew exactly what they were doing yeah. I also think that spending £15m to move them a couple of hundred yards down the road was a total waste of time and money and achieved nothing more than making the problem worse.

I don’t accept for a minute that the council’s motives were to maintain the integrity of the planning process.

Still it gave that poor chap Gridley a break.