Pictures From Friday- Poppins

Its taken me a bit to pst these up but here they are, theres loads of em!!

Had a really good time, a very good turn out. enjoy:

is this the one down richmond / putny area?

looks like i missed another great night:angry:looks like u all had a great time

Good pics Stace :cool:

Nice one Stacy!
Wicked pictures, great night!

Nice blow-up action :wink:

Nice shots stace, looked like a fun evening!

The shots of the slinger bring a tear to the eye now…

Nice Pictures Stacey :slight_smile:

At least there wasn’t a superwoman impression this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww looks like a very fun filled night!!!

shame i missed it. well done to all for raising the money!! pats on the back to everyone. :smiley:

yeah had a good time. Nice pics Stacey

i hardly recognise anyone now!!! apart for the usual suspects…:wink:

They are great pics, thanks for taking them Stacey.

Brings back memeories of a great night:D

Great pics :wink:

good quality pics, well done

cheers all

They are great pics Stacey. What camera did you use?

used my new Fujifilm finepix s8000 fd. still experimenting with it so im sure i can get better pictures